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Indigo & Leo's Litter Testimonies 2022



​Two-Step did so well at his vet visit today! Took a nice nap

Here's Two-Step's first puppy portrait we caught!! 🥰

Thank you so much for the advice about the crate training! Last night he got special chew toys for just in the crate and started going in by himself, and this morning he fell asleep in the middle of the floor after and I put on the calming music and put him in his crate and he fell back asleep in there nicely! We can tell he really is starting to get a grasp on the routine as he has also done super well this morning with knowing the timing for potty, walk and breakfast. He also only woke us up once in the middle of the night to potty last night 🙏 

He did great on the drive down, slept most of the way, and is so far adapting to our place.

Good morning! Two-Step got his final round of vaccines today!! Yay! He's also already a whopping 34.5lbs!! He's got the longest legs! He also absolutely LOVES the vet, he knows he has friends here and gets special treats so he'll jump out of the car and sprint to the door.
He's been continuing to do well with training, and actually I think training times is one of his favorite times of day and we do them often. He knows the basic commands sit, go lay down (where he'll run to his bed), paw, down, as well as some more fun tricks like spin, and catch (where he'll actually sit and catch his stuffed koala with two paws). Another fun thing, that is my personal favorite, on our very early morning walks when no one is out about he goes down slides on the playground by himself and has the MOST fun, all monitored for safety of course. I'll email you some videos to preserve the quality. We cannot wait to take him out to more public places like the dog beach and let him finally be able to interact with other dogs, because we can tell he just cannot wait to play.


I wanted to share these picture with you! They are my current favorites. Two-Step may be a big boy now, but he still absolutely LOVES hugs and cuddles and being carried by his mommy. He also wears bandanas now 

Two-Step went to the groomers for the first time yesterday and was a rockstar!!.


He is doing absolutely amazing he is so fun to have around we all absolutely love him 


Sparky is doing great. He’s so happy.  

Sparks’s first day paddle boarding  he loved it 

He is an amazing pup  I love him so much    He weighs 25 lbs right now! 

Happy national dog day  sorry forgot to send it yesterday!


She loves Axl. She immediately started to play with him and has been such a good sister. We love him.


Indy is very brave! And loves toys…and she’s still very curious;)

Best photo of Indie! So cute! We just broke down and let them play a little, they’re doing great

Napping in her crate❤️…and pooped outside earlier👍🏼. She’s just about got the bell figured out…even if using her nose a bit for now;) I had to keep taking her out bc she kept ringing it…softer than patches does, but gets the point across

I can’t stop taking pictures😁… I just remember how fast they grow out of the size:)


Roxie seems to be getting a little more comfortable, also more consistent with her new potty spot/routine. We're waiting for a new crate to arrive, I think that will help with training her. She has been under the couch most of the morning sleeping
Speaking of growing, we weighed her last night and we think she's about 10 lbs!


She loves that red ball you sent home with her. We're going to sign her up for puppy pre-school at zoom room soon, once she gets her next round of shots
I think the next big hurdle we're preparing for is getting her ready to leash walk outside
It's really fun to see when she starts to get something. Her friends have a French bulldog and they were saying she's already smarter than he is

 hope all is well! Just sending along some pictures of Roxie

I really love the picture in the backseat of the car, she looks so pretty! It's been a challenge harnessing her energy, but she's very smart and sweet! Also very bouncy, we think she might like agility training.

Roxie’s first pool experience earlier this month and some training time in the park Ok that sounds like a good idea! She definitely seems to like the food (but she also isn't very picky)


She's doing great!  She and Penny did really well together!


 Gypsy is doing great ! She has such a BIG personality. Also her health is great. She’s loving her new yard! Already chasing our little guy around 😂

Gypsy is the biggest sweetheart! We love her so much. 


Hi Aunty Terah, Kenji and Yoshi 

YOSHI is getting so big 

Such a sweet and loyal boy 
Seriously the best little
Cuddle bug 


Such a good boy!!! Yoshi is doing so much better with walking and he loves playing with my mom’s dogs! Going to be social I can tell 

Indigo & Leo's Litter Testimonies 2021


I thought you would like to see a picture of Stella - she is changing so much!  She weighed 18.5 lbs at the vet last week.  She is getting a lot more white hairs coming in - we are so curious to see what she ends up looking like!  Do you think she might turn grey?

We absolutely love her she’s so great - basically completely housetrained and learning so much every day.  We are so excited to start taking her out next week!
But she has already been on two big road trips and met lots and lots of people and dogs - she is having a great time so far


You can see all the white coming in it's more and more each day - so interesting to watch

"Hope you guys had a great thanksgiving!  We went on a road trip up to
The Bay Area and Stella had an amazing time!  She played with a bunch of different dogs and went to 4 different houses!  She was so good in the car and has returned from the trip so much more grown up than she was..
We love her more each day!"

"She has grown so much!  Took her to the vet yesterday she weighed 12lbs!!
She’s doing great:)
Keeping her on the leash in the house is helping so much and she’s learning to not always try to chase the cats haha"

She’s great!  She slept all night in her crate until 6.30 this morning - woke me up once to go out to potty.

Stella is so so sweet I love her so much!  She slept in her crate from 11 until 6 this morning and then after I took her out to potty I put her back in and she was quiet for another hour after whining for a couple of minutes - absolutely amazing!  She is calm and clearly very smart - took her to the vet today everyone loved her.  Thanks for doing an amazing job and raising such sweet puppies!


Just waking up from a nap and almost home. We watched the last video while he was sleeping and will watch anything you send us so we are the best family we can be! So send us anything you recommend. 

 And, btw, our kids are over the moon happy and I think Hamilton is too. 


He is a really cute boy.


Loving every moment! - Gandalf 


Thank you for the video! Really helpful tips, taking notes for what order to teach and how! We got home safely and he slept through the whole way:) He got a little anxious after we got home, we've been keeping him entertained so hopefully he can sleep through most of the night! 😂 Oh and, we decided  to name him Gandalf (since he's grey) 😊😊


Bo is adjusting good so far. Thank you again, we will keep you updated of his progress.


Hi! i just need to tell you we are over the moon with our Neka girl. here are a few pictures


She is doing great, she is very active, Iya gets so much love and attention from us.  We love her so much.


Billie is doing well sleeping in her crate, and for the most part she’s going potty where she should be.


Likes to sleep. Mostly on the hardwood floor rather than her bed .


Pumpkin is doing really well! She has become very familiar and comfortable with the house and the backyard quickly. Her and my son have become best friends! He loves to play with her and she loves to wake him up in the mornings. She enjoys naps on the cold floor and just being outside. She’s a very calm puppy. She plays like all puppies but she knows when it’s time to cuddle and relax. She is sooo quiet at night, and has definitely been he easiest puppy I’ve ever had! 
As you can tell we started the button training and she’s picking it up pretty quickly we just started a couple days ago

Pumpkin really is the sweetest. I’ve never had a puppy that picked up things so quickly. She’s gentle and friendly. So easy to love! We had our cleaning lady over today and her and her helpers fell in love with her!


Happy New Year to you & your family, too! Thank you for checking in on us. Loki is doing fantastic! What a wonderful and loving puppy! We especially love how he loves EVERYONE! I can’t believe he’s almost 4 months old already! He’s 24 pounds, full of energy, and is quite the athlete! His ability to jump up and catch a toy in mid-air is AMAZING! However, my favorite is when he’s in the mood to snuggle. Training has been going very well. We have a friend who comes to our home twice a week who use to train service dogs for Guide Dogs of America. She’s very impressed with how smart Loki is and how quickly he learns. We train consistently with the clicker that you started him with and it’s very successful. Thanks to you, he loves his crate and has slept through the night since we brought him home. He also was easy to house train. We are VERY thankful for the work you and your family did beforehand. It made bringing home a puppy so much easier! We refer many families to you all the time when they see Loki and ask about him. 


Happy Easter! She has been great. We love her so much.


Just wanted to check in. Cassie is the perfect dog for us. : ) Thank you for doing what you do. Hope all is well with you and yours.
We’re planning another beach play date with her sister, Rylie, next weekend.

Hi! We are enjoying life with Cassie so much! All of your tips and guidance have made the transition as smooth as one could hope for. :) I'd forgotten how much fun it is to have all of that puppy energy :)

Good Morning! The playdate yesterday was a lot of fun. I'll send you a link to all the photos today. 


Merry Christmas! Love Kenji. He gre out of his black socks.


Happy holidays!  I hope you are doing well and had a good thanksgiving. 

Kenji is doing well just being his puppy self. 

Good morning , i wanted to say hi and let you know I am doing really good.  I had my first bath yesterday. I wasn’t a fan of the hair dryer but my mom made me dry my hair so I had to surrender.  I have lots of toys and I get a lot of love from my parents.

- Kenji


He actually slept a lot yesterday.  He has done very well with potty training thanks to you and your family for the headstart 😊.  He knows exactly where to go.  He had one accident in the house and that’s because my husband didn’t follow directions and take him out when he woke up 😡.  He definitely loves to eat 😊 Kenji is doing really good.  He is so smart and for the most part a good listener. He is so sweet loving and cuddly.  Everybody loves him.  All my neighbors love him and offer to dog sit anytime.  He can’t wait to be fully vaccinated so he can play.


I hope you and your family are doing well. 

We love him so much.  Like you said he is sweet, kind, loving.  He is a joy.  We have a ton of dogs in our neighborhood who are all waiting for him to be ready to play 

I actually got him one of the pad felt pad things and so I put some kibble in that and put it in his crate.  Once he is done he complains to come out hahah.  He quiets down eventually.

I hope all is well.  Kenji is doing really well. We are so happy with him!  Thank you for blessing us with him.  


Riley is doing amazing!


We hope you are doing well!! We just wanted to reach out and say how much we love Rylie. We really appreciate everything you did for her; our Vet was so impressed with the genetic test packet and everything!

Rylie is doing great! She loves every person and dog she has met thus far. 🐶 She knows all her commands and we are working on more training! Here are some photos we wanted to share as well. Again, thank you to you and your family. ♥️


He loves his food. He is pretty much housetrained and so smart. Such a sweet baby. He is fine with anybody actually, my son, grandkids, my neighbor, anybody human. Just hates being alone. We all love him so much.

Just wanted to send you few pictures and updates on you on my baby. George is 6 months and 31 lbs. He just had his 1st full haircut and did really well. I think he looks very handsome. 😊
He is the sweetest beautiful puppy and doing really well! He loves every dog and every human and has a lot of friends (as you can see on pictures). His energy and running speed is unbelievable and exhausting at times 😏  
He went through puppy manners classes, knows all commands and doing great when there no distractions. I will continue training him to become a therapy dog when he matures. I was told his temperament is very suitable for a therapy dog

Yes, he was the smallest It was a huge difference between him and Kenji and now they are about the same, George is 32 lbs as of this morning. I am curious about his coat too, it is very easy to take care off and not much shedding, no mats at all

Forgot to tell you that George is a natural at swimming, loves water.

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