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Previous Litter Testimonies

Bella & Leo's Litter Testimonies 2023


Oh my gosh she is the BEST! So sweet and smart and such a funny personality! We adore her and the kids call her their little sister. She is such a good girl!

You do an amazing job of providing people with family members so thank you!


Hi there! We are sooo madly in love with Knox and he is doing great, learning and exploring so much

Emma & Bailey

Just wanted to share that the Emma & Bailey are doing great and their vet visit went well. They received a clean bill of health!  They’re at 12.8 and 12.6 lbs. The pups are such a joy!


Hope all is well! Just wanted to share some pics and let you know that Emma n Bailey are doing good and such a blessing!


We love him!


Oh how cute!! Oh he’s honestly the sweetest. Trouble is he’s so smart lol. Such a good thing to be but I want him to be challenged and I know our poodle will follow suit once she returns from boot camp. It will be an awesome advantage in communication and just have a dog that is that much more part of the family. Again, we are so grateful for you to have given us this blessing!


She is doing so well. It's not been hard at all. She sleeps in her crate, Jun puts his arm in and she puts her paw out. They slept all night. LOL. Thank you so much. YOu gave my kids something really wonderful.


JoJo! Week one! She is here and we are all so glad to get to know her!


Oliver is doing great! Just a little carsick, vomit. He explored his new room, ate lunch, played and napping cozily.


We love her!

Previous Puppy Testimonies

Two-Step & Rayne


​Two-Step did so well at his vet visit today! Took a nice nap

Here's Two-Step's first puppy portrait we caught!! 🥰

Thank you so much for the advice about the crate training! Last night he got special chew toys for just in the crate and started going in by himself, and this morning he fell asleep in the middle of the floor after and I put on the calming music and put him in his crate and he fell back asleep in there nicely! We can tell he really is starting to get a grasp on the routine as he has also done super well this morning with knowing the timing for potty, walk and breakfast. He also only woke us up once in the middle of the night to potty last night 🙏 

He did great on the drive down, slept most of the way, and is so far adapting to our place.

Good morning! Two-Step got his final round of vaccines today!! Yay! He's also already a whopping 34.5lbs!! He's got the longest legs! He also absolutely LOVES the vet, he knows he has friends here and gets special treats so he'll jump out of the car and sprint to the door.
He's been continuing to do well with training, and actually I think training times is one of his favorite times of day and we do them often. He knows the basic commands sit, go lay down (where he'll run to his bed), paw, down, as well as some more fun tricks like spin, and catch (where he'll actually sit and catch his stuffed koala with two paws). Another fun thing, that is my personal favorite, on our very early morning walks when no one is out about he goes down slides on the playground by himself and has the MOST fun, all monitored for safety of course. I'll email you some videos to preserve the quality. We cannot wait to take him out to more public places like the dog beach and let him finally be able to interact with other dogs, because we can tell he just cannot wait to play.


I wanted to share these picture with you! They are my current favorites. Two-Step may be a big boy now, but he still absolutely LOVES hugs and cuddles and being carried by his mommy. He also wears bandanas now 

Two-Step went to the groomers for the first time yesterday and was a rockstar!!.

Rayne is SO easy, she's pretty much potty trained here, hasn't had a single accident in the house (knock on wood), she loves her crate (we call it her room), I think we've helped her recognize it as a safe place by shuffling her in there everytime Two-Step gets to be a bit much. Her bond with us has formed great and she sees us as her protectors and providers. She is SUCH a snugglebug, my goodness, way more cuddly than Two-Step ever was, and she LOVES to eat!


I'd say the hardest part right now is the jealousy from Two-Step and both watching her to make sure she doesn't get into anything but also keeping him away and giving him the space he needs. Nighttime last night was actually great though! Rayne slept in her room almost the whole night with little disruption and once Two-Step step figured out she wasn't going to disrupt him he was able to settle down and sleep in his bed or blanket as he usually does every night.


She's silly. Took a nap in her bowl earlier


Two-Step and Rayne are doing great now! Two-Step really stepped into big brother role quickly, and she absolutely adores him. Her first vet visit last Wednesday went great and stool was all clear! Her two special spots other than in her room (crate) are under the coffee table and underneath Two-Step's hammock bed. She definitely does get hot because she also prefers sleeping or laying on tile just like Two-Step.


We're still working on her understanding how to alert us or ask to go outside to go potty, but she's getting there. She also loves her dad and watches him leave for work. I also got this gorgeous picture of her eyes the other day


Lots of pictures coming your way! Rayne is almost fully vaccinated! Woohoo! She's 23lb now and Two-Step is 62lbs! They are the absolute BEST of friends!! They are essentially inseparable at this point. Two-Step has calmed down SO much and is such a good boy! He starts a training class on January 8th, we finally have time to take him. Rayne is such a snuggle-bug, she Loves being held like a baby with her belly-up. She does WONDERFUL in the car, complete opposite of Two-Step, AND we found out she likes the water, she's swam a couple times in my parent's pool! They had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent going between both grandparents' houses and just had a wonderful first Christmas, also spent between both grandparents' houses. They we're spoiled with love and new toys. And Two-Step got to see his grandma (my mom), who is his second favorite person, me being his first! I just wanted to share this update and these pictures with you, since it has been a while. We hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!!



I just had to share this with you!!! Two-Step and his personality development surprises me and cracks me up each day! Today he was bored and was barking at his sister, so I needed something to entertain him and I thought, what about the TV. Initially I tried animals and that just made him more talkative, so I thought maybe traffic since he likes watching cars during our walks, and sure enough he will just sit on the couch and intently watch a time lapse of cars driving on a street! 


Rayne got her last round of shots last Saturday  and was a champ! We can't wait to take her out and about to the dog park and dog beach now! She is 28lbs, slower growing and smaller than Two-Step for sure.


They're the best!! They're zoomie hour and playing can be a bit much sometimes, especially with Two-Step's loud barking, but overall they also gotten better at responding to "leave it" and "separate", after which Two-Step will look at me and go lay down on his bed. I'm a proud momma with his growth, and he is still SUCH a mommas boy, always has to be around me


Rayne and Two-Step were just PRECIOUS earlier this week when dad came home from training, and they got to spend a full day with him.


Happy 1st Birthday to Two-Step and the rest of his siblings!! He's grown up so fast!!


 We got groomed yesterday and we look like completely different pups, but we're so handsome and pretty and feel so much cooler and so clean!! Love, Two-Step and Rayne


His name is Winter. He is 35 lbs. Vet seems to think he will get to 50lbs.

He is a love and we are very happy. Super playful, easy to train, the litter mate of our 2yrold.

This is the 2 of them in his bed together. They are constantly cuddling. He seeks her out and waits for her everywhere.


Hi, I hope you are well! Yoshi is doing amazing, we love her so much. She’s been such an angel! I created an Instagram for Yoshi that I thought you might want if you want to check in on her here and there It’s: yoshitheaussiedoodle


Just wanted to reach out and tell you how happy I am with Yoshi. She has been so wonderful from the start. We are about to start agility classes soon, and I am sure will love it! Here’s a picture of her after her first haircut yesterday


These were taken on Lexi's third birthday, August 24.  She has totally

stolen our hearts.


Hi, it’s been a while since we’ve communicated and hope all is well with you.  We fall more in love with Lexi every day.  She did a three-week “doggie camp” obedience training last year and learned so well.  She just finished another three week training at “doggie camp” that was for off-leash training.  We’ll send updated photos in a few days


I thought you might enjoy the below link about Aussiedoodles.  It hit right on with everything.


Here are Lexi’s Birthday pictures.  She will be one year old on Friday!

She is whip-smart, enormously loving, full of puppy energy and she is very well trained as long as she isn’t so excited that she forgets all of her commands..


Best Regards



Amazingly smart and clearly wants to please and do what makes us happy.

Pesky for love and attention – but so cute that we constantly stop to give her lots of attention.

She’s up to 12.5 lbs. 


Incredible puppy energy daily keeps us outside throwing a ball, etc. She runs and runs like a crazy dervish, then she naps for hours. Sometimes we wish we could too.

She sleeps from 11:00 pm till 7:00am in her wire cage/crate in our bedroom, so we no longer get up with her in the middle of the night.


98% housebroken – perfect in her crate, sometimes forgets when she is free in the house, but less and less. And we watch closely and take her outside often.


She’s a keeper!!!!



Lexi is GREAT!  Other than one accident Friday evening (my fault - I didn’t stay out with her long enough after she peed, and she pooped in the house), she has not had any other accidents.  Last night she slept from 11 until 7:30 this morning.  Of course, I was awake much earlier waiting for her to wake up! She had her vet puppy check yesterday and is very healthy and “very adorable.”  Everyone is in love with her.

The first picture was taken last week, and the second one (shows her off a little better) was taken today.  We’re still working hard on the housebreaking…not as good as my first (overly optimistic) update, but we’ll get there.  She’s great in the car…we take her on errands, but one of us always stays in the car with her.  At night she’s sleeping around 7 hours, so that means I’m not a grouch in the morning!

Here are the latest pictures of Lexi.  She is now at a three week boot camp

for intensive training.  We visited her yesterday, and the trainer just kept

saying how smart she is!  He's even doing some advanced work with her that

the dogs don't usually get until the next level of training!  The only

problem is that we miss her SO much.


So many people ask us if she's a Portuguese Water Dog because her coloring

is so much like the Obama's family dog!


Thank you for our family addition.


Week 9- Baxter, he's doing good, sleeping through the night, doing well with potty training and he got a clean bill og health from the vet. Thank You. Oh we love him, he sooo smart.

Week 10- Baxter chillin after his first bath.


we thought you might like to see Skylar at 5 1/2 months, 35 lbs. any estimate of weight at full size? He’s a wonderful dog! Very high energy! He had his first grooming last week and the groomer loved him. Said he was a perfect dog.

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