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CKC F1b Goldendoodle


Hazel is our F1b Goldendoodle who's father is an AKC Golden Retriever with champion bloodline and her mother is a CKC Goldendoodle resulting in Hazel being 75% Golden Retriever and 25% Poodle. Hazel exhibits the temperament of a Golden Retriever yet with the intelligence of a Poodle. Hazel is a fun loving and joyful spirited dog who loves to fetch her frisbees in mid air!


Hazelnut has passed all her genetic testings for the Goldendoodle breed including being clear in the Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), GR-PRA1 mutation, GR-PRA2 mutation, Muscular Dystrophy (MD), NEwS mutation, prcd-PRA mutation, Williebrand's Type 1 mutation (vWD1), and the MDR1. Hazelnut has also been genetically tested for the Ichthyosis Mutation (Ich) and is not affected. She has also been Coat Color and Coat Type tested and has a flat coat with no Furnishings. I look forward to pairing Hazel with Louis (Aussiedoodle) to produce healthy Double Doodle puppies with a low shedding coat in many colors and amazing temperaments! For more information, check out the Double Doodle page. 

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