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AKC Poodles

The Standard Poodle is an intelligent, joyful, companion dog. The Poodle has a large amount of energy and has a very playful attitude. Poodles love to be around its owner. This dog gets along with other dog breeds and likes other animals. Strangers make this canine nervous at first, but once it gets over being nervous it is friendly towards people it doesn’t know. The Poodle is easy to train as it loves to learn and catches on quickly. This breed can make an excellent watchdog, but doesn’t do well as a guard dog.

Although the Poodle is associated with France its origins are probably in central Asia. The curly-coated dogs in that region would assist with the herding and would travel along the routes in and throughout Europe. There are several water dogs that were known to have rough coats that appear to be in the Poodle’s ancestry. It is believed that the first Poodle was the Barbet. This dog was a curly haired breed that was found throughout France, Russia, Hungary, and several other places. It is the type that came from Germany that gained the most popularity among the people. Even the name Poodle comes from German word Pfudel, meaning puddle, or to splash. This was referencing the water talents of the Poodle. In France it is known as Caniche, or Chien Canard. Both of these names refer to the dog’s duck hunting abilities. The hair on the Poodle is usually cut away to imitate a swim suit while the puffs on the legs and tail are believed to represent the days it was used in the circus. This canine became popular with ladies of fashion and became a great companion to them. The French aristocracy found this breed favorable and made it the national dog of France. Poodles entered dog shows in the late 19th century. Some of the earlier Poodles used in the shows had corded coats. This fashion didn’t last long however and was replaced with the bouffant styles still being used today.​​​​​​

Poodle History

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