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Indigo & Leo's Litter Testimonies 2022


Panda did really well last night too. We fell asleep around 10:30, then up around 1am to pee, then back to sleep until 6:30am. He has fallen asleep on all the car rides so far, especially when I put the radio/news on. Thank you again for all the hard work you and your family has imbued in him.


Panda really loves his boxes!

And the shower, he visits it daily, if I leave the door open. He even helps around the house. 

Greetings! Panda is doing SO well and just loves the snow,. He's 11 weeks now and he's growing a lot! I'm teaching him some buttons with FluentPet. He's SO smart!!! And he love Q so much


Things are going a lot better with the crate and sleeping. Bruce will still wake up at night but it's fewer times each night!


Good Morning! Dolly is acclimating well to her new surroundings and family. No aggressive behavior from anyone (dogs, cats, bunny, etc) and she just wants to play. She sticks to me. Slow eater, good poops, whines and snivels about crate time. Big talker. All in all, good!


She's getting so big.


Poncho did great in the car and is doing just fine. Poncho is doing great. Very attentive and a quick learner.


we made it home safe! So far so good!


Thank you so much. She did great in her crate although we did wake up at three and 5am. She's going potty outside on her turf. Every time we take her for the most part. 


Rayne is SO easy, she's pretty much potty trained here, hasn't had a single accident in the house (knock on wood), she loves her crate (we call it her room), I think we've helped her recognize it as a safe place by shuffling her in there everytime Two-Step gets to be a bit much. Her bond with us has formed great and she sees us as her protectors and providers. She is SUCH a snugglebug, my goodness, way more cuddly than Two-Step ever was, and she LOVES to eat! 
I'd say the hardest part right now is the jealousy from Two-Step and both watching her to make sure she doesn't get into anything but also keeping him away and giving him the space he needs. Nighttime last night was actually great though! Rayne slept in her room almost the whole night with little disruption and once Two-Step step figured out she wasn't going to disrupt him he was able to settle down and sleep in his bed or blanket as he usually does every night. 


We made it home!

Training her to be quiet in her pen ended up putting her to sleep


Hey! This is Jax! We are so in love with him!!! He is very spoiled.



​Two-Step did so well at his vet visit today! Took a nice nap

Here's Two-Step's first puppy portrait we caught!! 🥰

Thank you so much for the advice about the crate training! Last night he got special chew toys for just in the crate and started going in by himself, and this morning he fell asleep in the middle of the floor after and I put on the calming music and put him in his crate and he fell back asleep in there nicely! We can tell he really is starting to get a grasp on the routine as he has also done super well this morning with knowing the timing for potty, walk and breakfast. He also only woke us up once in the middle of the night to potty last night 🙏 

He did great on the drive down, slept most of the way, and is so far adapting to our place.

Good morning! Two-Step got his final round of vaccines today!! Yay! He's also already a whopping 34.5lbs!! He's got the longest legs! He also absolutely LOVES the vet, he knows he has friends here and gets special treats so he'll jump out of the car and sprint to the door.
He's been continuing to do well with training, and actually I think training times is one of his favorite times of day and we do them often. He knows the basic commands sit, go lay down (where he'll run to his bed), paw, down, as well as some more fun tricks like spin, and catch (where he'll actually sit and catch his stuffed koala with two paws). Another fun thing, that is my personal favorite, on our very early morning walks when no one is out about he goes down slides on the playground by himself and has the MOST fun, all monitored for safety of course. I'll email you some videos to preserve the quality. We cannot wait to take him out to more public places like the dog beach and let him finally be able to interact with other dogs, because we can tell he just cannot wait to play.


I wanted to share these picture with you! They are my current favorites. Two-Step may be a big boy now, but he still absolutely LOVES hugs and cuddles and being carried by his mommy. He also wears bandanas now 

Two-Step went to the groomers for the first time yesterday and was a rockstar!!.


He is doing absolutely amazing he is so fun to have around we all absolutely love him 


Sparky is doing great. He’s so happy.  

Sparks’s first day paddle boarding  he loved it 

He is an amazing pup  I love him so much    He weighs 25 lbs right now! 

Happy national dog day  sorry forgot to send it yesterday!


She loves Axl. She immediately started to play with him and has been such a good sister. We love him.


Indy is very brave! And loves toys…and she’s still very curious;)

Best photo of Indie! So cute! We just broke down and let them play a little, they’re doing great

Napping in her crate❤️…and pooped outside earlier👍🏼. She’s just about got the bell figured out…even if using her nose a bit for now;) I had to keep taking her out bc she kept ringing it…softer than patches does, but gets the point across

I can’t stop taking pictures😁… I just remember how fast they grow out of the size:)


Roxie seems to be getting a little more comfortable, also more consistent with her new potty spot/routine. We're waiting for a new crate to arrive, I think that will help with training her. She has been under the couch most of the morning sleeping
Speaking of growing, we weighed her last night and we think she's about 10 lbs!


She loves that red ball you sent home with her. We're going to sign her up for puppy pre-school at zoom room soon, once she gets her next round of shots
I think the next big hurdle we're preparing for is getting her ready to leash walk outside
It's really fun to see when she starts to get something. Her friends have a French bulldog and they were saying she's already smarter than he is

 hope all is well! Just sending along some pictures of Roxie

I really love the picture in the backseat of the car, she looks so pretty! It's been a challenge harnessing her energy, but she's very smart and sweet! Also very bouncy, we think she might like agility training.


She's doing great!  She and Penny did really well together!


 Gypsy is doing great ! She has such a BIG personality. Also her health is great. She’s loving her new yard! Already chasing our little guy around 😂

Gypsy is the biggest sweetheart! We love her so much. 


Hi Aunty Terah, Kenji and Yoshi 

YOSHI is getting so big 

Such a sweet and loyal boy 
Seriously the best little
Cuddle bug 


Such a good boy!!! Yoshi is doing so much better with walking and he loves playing with my mom’s dogs! Going to be social I can tell 

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