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Bella & Leo's Litter Testimonies 2022


We love Rigby so much!! ❤️

Isla Ariel

We Love Her!


Yondu! He’s so big!

He did great! The other dogs weren’t to happy he was there but my aunt spoiled him rotten.  They were girls and they got jealous lol


We made it! Yondu ate and drank his water.  But I fed him outside🤦🏻‍♀️ after I read your sheet it said to feed him in crate.  I’m waiting for him to do his business.  Then we’ll go in lol
He did great 😊

Hi Terah were at our Vet check. Yondu is now 36.8 pounds.  😅

He is so sweet! 


We just love him so much. 🥰
He’s such a sweet boy and we are completely obsessed

Bella & Leo's Litter Testimonies


We love Lazlo so much!! ❤️


Blue is such a welcome addition to our family, our 6 month old grandson loves him💙

Thanks for your care in helping him to be a loving animal!

Day 2 using bells on door to go outside… no accidents today 🥰. Blue is so smart

Blue is a pooped pup… big day out to see the vet.  I sent you an email with the Vet report.

All is good 💙💙


Puppy is doing great! We've named him Mochi. He's sleeping through the night now, and potty accidents are few and far between. He has so much energy through the day and is very receptive to training. We're working on softening his bites and paying attention with distractions.
We visited the vet the Monday after picking him up and everything looked great. 


Tucker is doing great! He really is a sweet boy. Already sleeping in  the crate all night and pretty much completely potty trained. 💜


Thank you so much again for our little girl! She’s doing so good with her training and hasn’t had an accident in the house yet, thanks to you and your training with her!! She’s doing good taking naps in the crate, and she’s such a cuddler 🥰 Our 1 year old loves her too!!

Thank you so much!!! Remi already went pee/poop outside on the grass!! And is now taking a nap in her crate!! She’s so sweet already!! We are so thankful to have her 🥰


Remy!! Weighing in at 12 lbs today!! Vet said she is a grazer! She just doesn’t eat her meals all at once, but eats her required meal throughout the day!! She’s such a sweetie pie and loves playing outside!! Yes, we had to improvise with the doggy gate because she already learned how to get out😂 She makes our family whole❤️ Thank you again for our little girl!!


He's getting spoiled alright!!!

We love him so much already


She has already adapted so well. She fits right in.

I Just wanted to send you a photo of Winnie. She absolutely loves life and her brother. They are constantly playing and sharing their toys. Recently she learned how to shake paws and give a high five. Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to adopt from you again. They are the best dogs!


Thank you for all the info!

Pepper got a little car sick on the way home.  It was about a two hour drive though and she made it most of the way :)

She definitely loves being out in the yard but isn’t a fan of her crate yet.  All things in time ;)

Hi Terah!  Pepper is amazing and has her own Instagram now at PepperDaAussie ;). 


We're all doing great. Belle is the sweetest and smartest little fluff monster. Trick wise she has sit, down, rollover, speak, wait, come, jump, heel, speak, and quiet and loves performing them. She can swim too but isn't the biggest fan. There is a picture below after she fell off the kayak but she has a life vest.

Thanks for our sweet girl!

She also knows the commands no, off, shake, and touch. She gives the BEST hugs where each arm is slung on a shoulder. Here are some photos from me as well!

Thank you so much!


Hi from Kota!
He’s doing so well today!
He’s using the potty outside all day today 🤞


Tummy Rubs!

Sheila Roo

Thank you! We’ve now had Sheila Roo for a month and we love her so very much! I know I’m biased, but she’s so very smart and sweet and wonderful!! She is really understanding the training and can sit, down, walk nicely by my side, and stay up to two minutes! (Of course, plenty of treats/kibble incentives involved!) we’re luring her to roll over and crawl as fun tricks. She is fascinated by our chickens and has gone swimming in the pool a few times with us too! I just can’t believe how lucky we are to get to have her! The kids just adore her! I know that all you guys did-the hard work and training and love-have really started her in this amazing direction! I am just so grateful! Thank you again! Hope you guys are doing well too!

Oh, we’ve also been working on come here, and playing the “come here relay” mentioned in the training book you recommended. The thing is, she’s so smart, that we have to have more than two people playing because she has figured out to just run back-and-forth to us for treats. 😂 So we play all together as a family and have seven of us spread out around the yard and take turns calling  her and she comes right over to the right person!

Bella & Leo's Litter Testimonies


She’s doing great. Already leash trained! Pees on the grass and not once in the house. The only challenge now is getting her to stop pooping in the house and to not cry so much when she’s outside.

Luna is doing so good... so loved... so happy and well on her way to being potty trained


Hi Terah! Hope you and your family are safe from the fires. Eko has been doing so well since we brought her home! She is very active and super smart. She has been incredibly easy to train and picks up on new things quickly. Eko is growing so fast and is already 27lbs at 17 weeks old! She loves to snuggle and always wants to play with new people and dogs she sees on her walks. She has made friends with a handful of other puppies around her age that also live in our apartment building and loves to play with her sister Hana and older brother Koa when we visit. She has brought us so much joy! Thank you for everything!


The pups Eko and Hana did so well yesterday!


Hiii . He’s doing really well. Hes only had two accidents yesterday so we are kinda sad about it because he was doing sooo goood ! But it happens. He definitely keeps us up every night and I don’t know what to do because he only sleeps if he sees us .

Honesty i think my husband just spoils him too much lol. The vet said he is perfectly healthy .  Honestly he’s a great puppy and we love him very much . I’m really happy we went with your puppies/ family


Java (Bella and Leo) turned 8 months old today. She is now 33.5 pounds and has been fluctuating between 32 and 34 pounds since she was 30 weeks old. At 7 months she started to back off of eating all her food and we started to reduce the amount slightly. Tango at 35 weeks was 47 pounds (Winter and Leo). Which is about his adult weight now.


Here are a few recent photos taken of the two of them the day they were groomed.  Sorry to send so many of them. I liked them all and could not decide which to send you! The groomer did a puppy clipping on Java, as she had mostly puppy hair with some longer adult hair coming in and she wanted to get it all one length for the winter rainy weather. Java adores playing in puddles and never misses an opportunity to jump and play in any she finds. She is quite content to play ball with herself, throwing it in the air and catching it or throwing it away from her and running after it. Tango usually joins in, but if he is not interested, she is fine on her own. She remains the guard dog of the house. Alerting whenever she thinks something is out of place. She can walk on her back legs for 6-8 steps with ease, which she does if she cannot see something and wants to get a better look 😊 We never trained her to do this.


I hope you and your family remain healthy and happy. Tango and Java bring us immense joy. They are loved and happy.


15 weeks and 15.6 pounds.


My husband took this today. I was on a walk with Tango and she was awaiting my return. 

I hope you continue to be safe from the fire.


Java is enjoying the ranch. Getting to know her home base better each day. She loves running around, but also knows her way back home. She is serious at play, eating and sleeping. Doing each with gusto! She loves cuddles. She is little ray of sunshine 


Java is 13 weeks old and 13.4 pounds. Just took this photo of the two of them together.  This is not a posed photo.


Finally caught a photo of them together.  It only took three weeks  


Java is now 10 weeks old and weighs 9 pounds. Clearly she does not have a lack of toys. 😃 This is a portion of her toy box. She is doing great ! She loves being cuddled and, her legs are an accessory at this point. Traveling in my arms is just fine with her. It is harder than you might think to get photos like these as she is often right at my side or by my feet. We are continuing to do the wonderful training you started and expanding it. She loves her crate! Thank you for crate training! We have followed your recommendations about introducing our now 17 month old male Amazing Aussiedoodles, Tango to Java. We have continued to work with them separately each day, as well as together, to insure that Java bonds with each member of the family, both human and canine. And to insure that Tango does not feel displaced by Java. While this approach is taking longer, we hope that long term this will have added benefits. We love that she tilts her head from side to side when we talk to her. She is everything and more than we expected. What a sweetheart. 💖 


She is doing great! Loves food, so we are being very careful to follow your suggestions.  

Great at "downs" now.

Still working on Tango and Java's interactions.  She loves to start play fighting with him like he was her same size. So lots of time outs, treats, and positive reinforcement when they are calm and not playing.

 She will be 10 weeks on Friday.

She loves snuggling, which is awesome 



Happy thanksgiving!! Our boy is getting big...36lbs as of Tuesday! Vet says he’s doing great


We love him so much! Still had that puppy energy but he has been so great for our growing family


Kylo is doing great. I’ll send you some pictures tomorrow. He had a vet appointment yesterday and he is doing awesome. 15lbs already!


Got home safe with Kylo. He did amazing on the drive.


Hi Terah! So good to hear from you! I think about texting you all the time but I know you have lots and lots of puppy families so you probably get tons of messages. Aspen is doing wonderfully but we are quite surprised that she is already 40 pounds! They grow way too fast! We love and adore her and she is spoiled rotten. Every time we take her out of the house we have at least 10 people comment about how beautiful she is and ask what kind of dog she is.

 Thought you might enjoy an update on Aspen. She’s doing great! Training is going very well and she’s working on “leave it’ and rollover. She’s super smart! She does the commands before we ask She’s grown quite a bit and gained 4 pounds. We switched her to Nutri Source regular puppy food with grain as you and our vet recommended. We have yet to leave her alone in her crate or playpen so that might be hard later but hopefully now that she’s more comfortable here it won’t be as hard. 

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