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Angel & Leo's Litter Testimonies

Stella Blue

Stella blue is getting so big.  Such a puppy.  Lol.  We took her to the river this weekend and she loved the water. No walks yet but soon.   Thanks! 


So good.  Mostly sleeping though the night, only a handful of accidents (mostly our fault). Good bill of health from the vet. We can’t wait to get her out of the house. We actually were saying last night how she’s already gotten bigger.


Hi there. Hope you, your family and your pups are safe with the fires so close. Praying for you. Here’s a picture of Leo. He’s getting so big!


Happy Sunday from Leo! Hope your family is doing well! Leo is such an amazing puppy!


We wanted to give you a Sunday update on Leo! Things have been going great, he’s been an amazing addition to our family. Our first night home was a little rough, but since then every night has gotten better and better. He’s a pro at sit and down, looking at us & sitting for attention and walking on a leash. He is bonding with our family beautifully, everybody who meets him, loves him! Molly is also enjoying having another dog to play with, but it took her a couple of days to realize he wasn’t leaving. We’ve been very intentional about keeping them separated and only allowing a few, short positive interactions throughout the day. We are trying to take him on short car rides everyday and expose him to new things as much as possible. We start puppy kindergarten class in a couple of weeks and are looking forward to the training and socialization. We have his first Vet appointment on Tuesday, but I’m a little nervous about not being able to go in with him during the exam because of COVID. Does your Vet allow you to come into the office? I’ve included some of my favorite pictures. Thank you again for everything! We feel so blessed to have found you and our sweet Leo! We look forward to keeping in touch!


He loves rocks!


OK needless to say I’m totally in love and she’s totally in love with me LOL


Trixie is soooo good with her crate! And potty training.


We hope your family continues to be out of harms way with all the wild fires.  Smoke from Mendocino & Chico makes the Bay Area look like The Apocalypse today. 


Bennie is almost 25lbs today.  Playful (with us), active & loves anything cool/cold.

Bennie just had her 12 week check up & shots, so I thought I'd send you an update.

After picking her up from you, Bennie handled the 6+ hours drive to Northern CA with ease.  Expected a handful of stops along the way - we left it up to Bennie and had only one.  She travels great in a car and seems to enjoy it more all the time.

In her first vet appointment the day we brought her back, the doctor noticed a 'Lingually Displaced Mandibular; bottom left canine tooth impacting upper gums.  He believes it will work out on its own and suggested 'Ball Therapy' - attached for your reference.

Crate training has gone very smoothly and she seems completely at home; though many new sights and sounds outside (garbage trucks a prominent example) scare her at this point.  Gradually getting 'braver'.

Bennie is now at 17.5 lbs, very active and doing well.  Loves to play.  Loves cool-cold places to rest. Seems to really enjoy water.

On the 12 week appointment the vet predicted, based an her current rate, she could be 45-50lbs - yikes!  Her paws are big - we hope that just means she'll have great balance & still be under 40lbs ;).  Either is fine.

We have done one private session with a trainer.  Seemed to go well and are planning 3-5 more in the short term.  We have found another AussieDoodle in our neighborhood; female, same age, came from a breeder in MD.  We are planning a few play dates to socialize starting next weekend.

Hope you enjoy attachments.

We appreciate all of your help and the useful info you sent.  Hope that the wildfires near you don't get any closer.


Thanks for a great ‘send-off’ this morning.  Bennie did great on the ride home.  A little whimper or two of separation anxiety but settled down once the cars AC kicked into full gear and she could feel it in her face   6.5 hour drive, one 25 min stop to eat drink and pee and she was a champ.  Expected to take at least three more breaks, but she just didn’t need it.  Slept well.  Ate well.  Getting settled in very well here.  Adapting to crate way beyond expectations.  Very blessed.  Pictures to follow.  


Annie got her first clip. Her hair is turning grey. I am so pleased with her. Thanks.


Annie is doing so good. She will now walk on a leash with me for about 1 mile. She just loves the kids and get a lot of handling. She sleeps all night and has never gone potty in the house. Just a dream dog. She never had any problem with “crate time”.


Annie is growing rapidly and is a fast learner. Everyone loves her.


I can’t believe it’s been a whole week with Bluey already. I did make him an Instagram if you wanted updated pictures every day It’s @bluey_the_aussidoodle

We had our first vet visit today! He is 7lbs 14oz


Magic is a great traveler. Thanks so very much.


He’s so great! He’s so smart and adjusting well. I’ve taught him lay down, lay down, turn around, and stay. He’s growing so fast hasn’t had any accidents in the house in the last week.


I hope you, your pups, and your family are doing well.
I want to update you on Somi - Angel's pup from May 2020.

Somi (pronounced as so-mee) is now 8 months old, and 40 pounds! She's bigger than we all had expected! 
She's doing great. She's super smart (too smart sometimes), very trainable, and VERY athletic! She's being trained to be my medical service dog, and everything is going amazing.
The only complaint is she's so smart that she's manipulative! haha. 

I'm attaching some photos and one video (when she was 6 months, I think) in this email. 

I hope you enjoy them.
Thank you!


Good morning, Somi is doing great and she is truly unbelievable and amazing! She’s so smart, social and content and has adapted our home like it’s hers already! Her potty training has been so smooth and she looooves playing with all of her toys! We’re incredibly happy. Thank you so much again. We’ll send photos and videos. 🥰


Mamba is absolutely adorable. Fell asleep on the ride back home in my wife’s lap, even as we FaceTimed friends and family!
Also, he has already used his turf pad to pee and poop since we’ve been home. So impressed that he looked for it all on his own!

He is an absolute joy and we gladly welcome him into our family. Thanks so much for everything🏼
Hey Terah! We’re almost one week in! Can’t believe it and we think he has already gained 1lb 
We love him.


 I hope you and your family are staying healthy. Reyna's first grooming. We're doing well.


She's eating and drinking well. Sleeping like a puppy and happy. 2nd night

Reyna (changed the spelling) slept much better. She feels more secure with us now. She's smart as can be. Good bowel movements and peeing is often, but I'll keep an eye on her.


Here's Baxter, one year old 11/17, he got a new bed and is going to training for the 3rd time.


Baxter's first haircut.


Baxter, played at the puppy class then had his first visit with family. Sophie is his Labadoodle cousin.


Slept like a baby all the way home, but now running races.  He likes my plants, i have to stop him from chewing on them.

Week 12- Baxter, thank you for being such a good breeder.  We have our challenges, but working hard to be a good boy.

Week 9- Baxter, he's doing good, sleeping through the night, doing well with potty training and he got a clean bill og health from the vet. Thank You.

Week 10- Baxter chillin after his first bath. 


Bailey says Happy Easter to you all!!  We are absolutely adoring him and so thankful to have him during this crazy time!  He's been a god-send!!  


I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that things are going so great with Bailey. He has had only one peep accident and sleeps great at night. He has been so fun yet mellow and is quickly learning! We could not be any happier!! So thank you!!!! Here's Bailey after he "stole" the recycling bag.


Things are going so great!! Bailey has been doing so well with going potty on the grass and loves sprinting across the yard. My husband and I are so grateful and appreciative, especially of the great folder that came home with the pup (we wish we got a folder like that with our newborns).  We'll be sure to send pictures as he grows!  


Good morning, I just wanted to let you know that Yoshi is doing fabulous. She completely stole our hearts and we’re so happy to have her.

I hope you are well! Yoshi is doing amazing, we love her so much. She’s been such an angel! 
Also, I created an Instagram for Yoshi that I thought you might want if you want to check in on her here and there ☺️ It’s: yoshitheaussiedoodle 

I hope you and your family are well! Just wanted to reach out and tell you how happy I am with Yoshi. She has been so wonderful from the start. We are about to start agility classes soon, and I am sure will love it! Here’s a picture of her after her first haircut yesterday


She’s doing great! She’s super comfortable and happy, she’s seriously perfect! And thank you for molding her into an awesome puppy!


Welcome to Winnie’s Fresh Mart!


Hi! Little Winnie is such a love! 


She’s acclimated completely- we can’t believe it. She was a little nervous in the car but then took a nap. She’s been playing, sleeping and exploring. Came home and walked right into her crate and laid down!!

Little Winnie is doing great! She hasn’t had one accident in the house yet. She doesn’t love her crate at night but we will have to be more strict with her about that. She did take a nice nap in it this morning without any fuss.
I am taking her to the vet tomorrow and was reading your information packet that they may push to give more vaccines than necessary. I don’t want that to happen. When do you suggest she have her next set of shots?

Anyway, Winnie is doing great and is so smart and great with the kids

Winnie had a healthy check up today and we are working on her getting to know our other dog in small doses. She’s such a cutie 


Hope all is well. Hadley is doing great. She is our everything. Today is her first day to experience life outside our home. She was a champ!


She’s acclimated completely- we can’t believe it. She was a little nervous in the car but then took a nap. She’s been playing, sleeping and exploring. Came home and walked right into her crate and laid down!!


She is water dog. Love to run through sprinklers attacking the spray and we took her out on the lake earlier this week. She also loves to play fetch.


We are doing great. She is coming along. We had a little house training set back this week but almost back on track. She was 25 lbs when she went for her last shot appointment on March 11th so I think she's probably about 30 lbs now. Leash training is hit or miss because I was afraid to take her out before she got all her shots She loves her puppy cousins Roxie, Noah, and Bandit all born around the same time. We are in quarantine right now so no company but she loves playing fetch with a ball


Honor is settling in fairly well. Her new big brothers aren't too sure what to make of her. 

All the bones and toys I got her she has little interest but she likes her new brother's horn.


Little update on our sweet Roxy Rainbow..... she is doing so well! She sleeps through the night and is doing great with her potty training and learning her commands. She is so smart and so sweet and is getting the hang of the routine. We are so in love with this fiesty little girl. She weighed 13 lbs at 11 weeks old. Growing fast! Hope you are well!


Good morning! So we named her Roxy 🥰 Roxy Rainbow to be exact bc our 4 year old insisted she be named rainbow lol. Roxy is doing great such a sweet pup loving all the people and all the other four-legged family members. She is sleeping from about 9:30-6:30 🏻🏻.

She is always at my feet or literally laying on them it is the sweetest!


Sienna is all tuckered out from playing🥰

She did great in the car. She loves looking out at all the cars. We would hear her whine a little then the girls would lift her up to look out and she would stop. The girls are spoiling her and playing outside with her right now. She went in the crate automatically and laid down!

She was scared of Patches only for a hot minute then she was trying to play with him. Patches is super patient and Sienna brightened my day. The cat even went up to her and sniffed her. Then ran from her cause she was scared of her. But she didn't hiss at Sienna so that's good. Sienna is sooooo smart already. You did an amazing job. She really fell asleep already. I did take her out once more before she fell asleep but she was so cute and tired. I think it was all the excitement. She was running around like the happiest puppy in the world and it was hilarious. I have this bush that patches love love loved when he was a puppy but it has these flowers that stick to his fur....well, guess what....she loves it too...she reminds a whole lot of patches. She had flowers all stuck in her fur just like patches would. 🤣




We did! Thank you. Theo is such a sweet little guy. I will take a video tomorrow of him playing with our little schnauzer they were having fun 

He is doing great, still trying to adjust to the heat. He doesn't want to stay outside for too long. Just goes to the bathroom and heads back in.


Theo is truly a sweet, fun dog! We love him


First night was great! He’s so smart, we can’t even believe it - thank you so much for training him.

I’ve been recommending you to anyone who asks about Ovi, and he is popular!! He’s very sweet and affectionate, energetic and loves to run!! He’s 20 pounds now, the vet is estimating him to be around 40 pounds, but if that’s the case then there’s just more to love I will email you a few photos - he is very handsome!! Oh! Well that’s good to hear - either way we couldn’t be more in love with him thank you for everything!!

He is so perfect and we feel so lucky!!!


Magic is great! Sleeps through the night - plays all morning and crashes all afternoon - she loves the porch - I let her sit with me on the couch - she has been to my studio and all the ladies LOVED her - she has been around a bunch of kids and LOVES her yard - only accidents on the first day - we love her to bits

Home and happy just put her to bed - thanks again we love her


Just wanted to send you a quick update. Ozzy is doing so much better since we moved into our new home. Very few accidents and he’s growing fast

Hi! Just wanted to send you a pic and update on Oswald.   He’s so smart and fun to be around and definitely already spoiled He has been trying so hard to make friends with the cats but they’re still somewhat cautious of him. He’s our little wild child and are so happy that he is a part of our family ♥️It was so nice to meet you too! Ozzy is so lovely and friendly towards the other animals

we can’t thank you enough for giving us the opportunity to adopt our Ozzy! We love him so much ♥️

Rhea Jane

Rhea is 38lbs, healthy and happy 🥰🤩 (Also needs a hair trim lol)


Rhea is such a happy sweet pup and doing so well: we love her to pieces! :)

She is eating and going potty very well. I’ll give her a big hug and kiss from you :) very playfully this morning! Rhea



Chester is doing great. He will finish his first puppy class next week and he so smart.   He surely out smarts me.  We love him.  Snuggly little guy.  I couldn’t ask for a better dog. Thanks.


Our couch has turned into Zoey’s special bed… She’s not spoiled is she?


Happy birthday to Zoey!


We are sitting in the backyard right now. Look at my husband and Zoey She is so loved, she is such an awesome dog!

I am sitting at the computer and Zoey just pulled out her blanket and one of her toys out of her toy basket. That’s the blanket you sent her home with when she was eight weeks old. She still loves it.


Thought you might get a kick out of Zoey and Wagner. We really don’t want Zoey on the couch but Wagner is allowed so we can’t quite make up our mind. They are so adorable!

Zoey graduated last night from her puppy kindergarten class!!

Look how big our Zoey is getting

Just got home five minutes ago, Wagner joined us in the car and the two of them got along great! She sat in Jim’s lap the entire two-hour ride, such a good little girl. Thank you again for everything, we are so thrilled!


Merry Christmas to you as well. Jasper is now 40 pounds and 21 inches to top of shoulders. He’s a very good boy and we love him dearly.


Just wanted to say hi! Jasper is 17 weeks old tomorrow. This was a picture from last week. He is 24 pounds and is 16 inches to top of shoulders. Everyone that meets him says he’s going to be BIG. We love him a lot and he is so smart. Thanks!!


Joey today... he’s a big boy at 46 lbs!!

Loving him is not a hard thing to do!!! He's wonderful. Oh, by the way, his official name is Joey!!! He cried some last night so to be expected.

Joey meet Roo. It went very well!


 Hi Terah, just wanted to give you an update on Dillon. He's such a happy, lovable pup. He goes almost everywhere we go. He's almost done with his puppy obedience classes and eventually we will be taking him to agility classes.


I see you have your hands full with Winter and Angel's pups. They are beautiful! Just an update in Dillon. He's 7 months old now, weighs about 28 pounds and has been neutered. His good nature and adaptability continue to amaze us. Just got back from our first camping/boating trip of the season. He was awesome! We thought the loud engine of the boat would scare him, but no he loved it! Turned out to be a bowrider. He was off-leash in a cove and got tired of us standing in the water without us, so he swam right over. Such a happy, playful boy!

Hope you are enjoying the New Year. 
Dillon is getting his 2nd vaccinations on Monday.
Here's a pic of Dillon and Bo on another play date. Dillon was initially afraid of Bo but once they started playing it didn't stop. Those boys played really rough. Scared me at first Bo pinned down Dillon. But Dillon kept going back for more.  Bo is 5 months old.

Dillon is doing great. He's 17 pounds now! We have puppy play dates 2 or 3 times a week. 8 different dogs. He is gentle around the oldest one 1
month old male who now weighs less than him.
I just got a call from my vets office. Although we have only been there twice, they love him sooo much.


Hi! Dillon went to the vet and got a clean bill of health! Yay! Everyone at the office wanted to steal him including a couple of firefighters who were there with their dogs. 

He whined and howled for the first 5 minutes in the car. Then I put him in his puppy bed and he slept all the way home. Took him outside to potty immediately then played and let him explore the house a little. I think he was too tired to eat only took a couple of bites. Tried some training, got a great sit and down. We'll keep working on it! Poor guys had a busy day. He's sleeping now. I'll wait to see if he wakes up. If not I'll wake him up play with him and then have him potty before crating. It's only been a few hours but we totally adore him! Thanks for all the hard work you do!


First play date with Rosie our friends Yorkie. He did great but he's sooo tired.


 I hope you and your family are doing good.

Indigo is doing great with us. He doesn’t whine in his crate at all. So far we could sleep every night with him next to our bed in his crate. Potty training is going good too. We had some accidents but that was mostly our fault. Now we know the signs that he needs to go outside. He is a very cute and smart puppy and we absolutely love him. Our whole family fell in love with him already. He is so spoiled Have a good day! :)


She is just the perfect little girl.  She lives the snow and deer.
She is perfect.


Molly is doing great. She is the love of our lives. She makes us so happy. She is losing teeth. Found 4 in 2 days. She is sooo precious. Her only problems are coming when we call her and she jumps on everyone. We are working on these things. She is definitely a daddy's girl!!

"She is doing great.  Had her booster and the Sentinel.  She is a cute.   She runs from one end of the yard to the other. She loves being outside.  She knows how to retrieve her ball. We love her!"


"Just wanted to let you know that Remi and I made it back home by 2pm. !It was a pleasure meeting you and your husband  and your fur babies!"


We love Panda. Here are a few more pics of our puppy! 


Morning! I’ve been meaning to text you to say how much we love and adore her!! Training has gone so well! She’s incredibly sweet, fun, lovable. Honestly the perfect dog! I’ll send some pics and videos. When we last weighed her she was just about 25lbs.


She absolutely loves the snow and she is a joy. We are settled in our new home in Stowe and Clemmie rules the roost! We love her to death.


Our sweet Clemmie got her first “official” grooming today and she is adorable. Happy New Year!

We absolutely love her! Thank you so much!! She was so good in the car and is resting in her carrier. She wanted to crawl up behind Richards shoulders in the car, she was so sweet and is smitten with him as he is with her, we both are.


Our little Clemmie is growing up and that sweet shy girl is still sweet but not shy and she is a funny little dog!


She is only 16 pounds, small!


Family nap time. Thank you for Mocha! She is the best dog ever! She wants to please us, fit in with what we do, smart, has beautiful unique ways, is a great home protector, and understands us more and kore each day. I swear she knows English! PS see how she brings her back feet up to hold when she sleeps awwww too cute!


Mocha loves tortilla chips. She also plays the piano and delivers mail.


Mocha sniffed around the tree and selected her gift only and delicately tore the wrapping to pull out her toys.
We came home and there she was. Bottom line is: she reads!


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Mocha is the best dog ever! She has classy moves and is smart as a whip.
Delivers mail, plays the piano, dances, walks like a human, rings her bell to go outside, fetches balls, and we think she understands a whole lot more. She is quiet though and she doesn’t like to sing.


Mocha loves being held, walking around on her hind legs, and eating our food. She has learned many tricks; playing piano, rolling over, delivering mail, dancing, and gets money out of her crate and brings it by command.

"She loves the antler! You potty trained her❣️ she definitely loves to go on her grass pad.

Donuts for breakfast! Her right eye keeps changing. Looking more grey and blue today"

Mocha likes hanging out in the sticks

I think Mocha likes apples


Admiral Baxter Stalwick. ❤️ Those 7 week puppy pictures make my heart melt! Hope all is well. 


Baxter takes his blanket everywhere! Even out to lunch with the girls.  

"Cousins are getting along very well. He is already comfy napping in his crate. Our boy is doing great." 

He's been such a good doggie. He is an escape artist tho, so he has us on our toes! Lol. Very smart little guy. Sleeps so well at night! Crate trained and loves his toys, especially those little antlers! ❤Leash training starts soon. 😬


Baxter is doing so great! We love our aussiedoodle boy!!!! ❤Hope you are doing well. Thanks so much!


"Just a quick update! Pepper is doing GREAT! She did great at the vet today and is adjusting to our house (& cat!) well! She is SO sweet and snuggly! And super smart. We couldn't be happier with her :)"

"Passed out by all her toys!"

Pepper is doing great! I wanted to share some updated pictures 

Pepper and Murphy in Texas  (Photo #2)


Thankful for Pepper! She hikes off leash with no real training. She just comes when I call!!


She’s about 35 lb. (When she had longer hair she looked so much bigger than that though!)

She got her summer haircut recently :) We love her. She is the most amazing dog ever!!

About 7 months; 30 pounds Still a bundle of energy and love. Very obedient; very trainable Hiking off leash part of the time (not fully trained yet) Gets comments all the time One person wrote down your name and website they loved her so much. Hope you're doing well!


"Also, I know this is early but I think she is potty trained! Watching my other girls obviously helped, and went out regularly yesterday, but this morning she scratched on the door to get out, went outside and pooped and peed. I'll keep you posted."


Two people came to visit us and they said Pepper was the most beautiful dog they have ever seen."


Here's Pepper at 5 months. She is a bundle of energy, joy, and love!

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