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Winter & Leo's Litter Testimonies


I just wanted to provide a quick update on Juno.  She’s doing great!  We brought her for her 12 week checkup today (a few days early) and she weighed 15lbs. 

We’ve been working on her training.  She’s doing great with doggie puzzles. Socialization has been challenging due to Covid, but we’re trying!  :-)

Here’s a pic while we were hanging out on the car waiting for the vet.

Hope all is well with you!


Juno is doing great. She is such a good puppy. She’s gotten great at fetching a ball and bringing it back. We are working on distracting her from eating our grass and mulch...clicker training has helped reinforce her good behaviors with that. The vet says she looks great!She loves her naps!


She’s had a bunch of playdates with our friends’ vaccinated dogs. We are doing it as safely as possible but we know this time is so important for socialization. She even swam in one of their ponds yesterday with their aussie and border collie! She could not be more perfect for us.


Pepper is such a sweet little furry love. She just has the greatest temperament. She loves everyone. She is good with other (vaccinated) dogs. She sleeps through the night (!!) and brings us such joy. Thank you again.


Earmuffs on!! She is a-mazing !!!!

 She is doing great. We love her sooooo much!!!

Pepper is 9 weeks today! We love her so much!!!

His name is Winter. He is 35 lbs. Vet seems to think he will get to 50lbs.

He is a love and we are very happy. Super playful, easy to train, the litter mate of our 2yrold.  

This is the 2 of them in his bed together. They are constantly cuddling. He seeks her out and waits for her everywhere.

Puppy 3 is doing good! We all love him so much and trying to find a name for him we can all agree on! I have a friend looking for a puppy and they love ours. Their oldest son and mine were born on the same day just minutes apart...we met in a birthing class. Their dog is 14, blind and having congestive heart issues. Can I share your contact with them?



Ringo made it home safe! Kids are sooo excited.


Such a solid foundation with you made Bear secure, trusting, and wonderfully teachable. 


We so appreciate what a wonderful, thorough job you’ve done. Bear has had the best start in life with you. We are so thankful. We are thrilled and so grateful to you! 


Barkley is so loved! He’s learning the doggie door. He is potty training and Paisley calls him “Blarky “ it’s the cutest thing. I still have to watch the training videos but he’s such a great doggie. He doesn’t whine or bark unless he’s got to go out. The clicker is great. We love him!


Coco is doing great and did great at the vet! Coco has become my shadow and sticks by me at all times except at night she sleeps in a separate room in a crate.  Thanks!


I just wanted to touch base and let you know how Roscoe is doing. He was pup #1 I think from Winter's litter last October. He's 41.5# as of July at 11 months. He's a beloved family member and now gets to sleep with our 12 year old. He's an insane jumper. I'm 5'9" and he definitely clears my height. He goes to camp once weekly and gets daily walks plus playtime. He's obsessed with lizards. Yes not a one-person dog but is bonded to each of us. He loves dog beach but isn't 100% sure about swimmer yet.


Finally! We are finally getting to experience this "lap dog puppy" you spoke of! And he is THE BEST. ️ Thanks to doggy daycare

We learned that the physical exercise alone wasn't cutting it. He needs mental stimulation too. He's getting that now. We use a puzzle to feed him his meals and I think the interaction with other dogs works his brain a bit more.

Training going really well. Wanting to teach him to catch a frisbee.


Roscoe did great last night. He was in his crate in the bed (which will move to the floor quickly) and cried on and off for the first hour. Then he slept until 5. I did what you suggested and got up before him. he sat there quietly and then i let him out. 

We're working with him on "down" and he's doing great.

Roscoe is already walking great in the leash! It literally tool him a combined 15-20 minutes. 

Sleeping great at night, crate is on the floor.


Thought I would drop you a note and let you know Ringo is doing awesome. Super good dog and totally fit right in with our family. We took this pic for our holiday card. Thanks again!


Thank you! Ringo seems happy in his new home. 

 He is doing great! Really starting to show more of his personality. He is super good.

Hi!! I just wanted to share photos of Pepper. She is 9 months and weighed in at 30 lbs pre-hair cut. :)
She developed some significant mats over this shutdown period and when I was finally able to get her in to the groomer to help me fix it she needed the “quarantine cut”. 😂 She looks like a totally different dog. But we still love her. 💕 
Hope you guys are well. :)


Happy New Year!! Pepper had her rabies shot today and weighed in at 24 lbs. she is growing fast!
She is doing great. She is super fun and really good with the kids. Thank you for everything!


Hi! Pepper is doing great. She gets bored easy so we are trying all sorts of new activities for her. Yesterday she had a blast fetching through a box! So fun
She starts Puppy Kindergarten tomorrow. The trainer is verifying puppies have vaccinations etc.
She gets her next set of vaccinations this week. She is growing so fast :)



PGary weighs 27lbs and she gets along with every dog and human 


Pgary was spayed yesterday and is chilling in the planter. 
Hope alls good with you. 

thanks again for Pgary 
she's been a lovely addition to the family 


Pgary and Hammie just after wrestling

P is great. she’s sweet and curious and doing fine. I’m sure in her way she misses you and your family.


Frankie is goood! She’s at about 20 pounds now at 6 months. And a whole lotta fluff!!


With the help of the heated/heartbeat stuffed animal — last night there was no whining at all for bedtime in her crate!

She’s in a harness and on a leash. Had a few successful leashed loops around the block!

She definitely likes to chew anything she can find - maybe we need to find some teething toys?

She knows her potty spot in the backyard and only had a few minor accidents inside.

hasn't been barking much at all which is nice

She’s been meeting a lot of people - friends coming to visit at home. Visits to dad at work on set.

Going to see the Vet today for an intro check-up.

Definitely have less sleep than We’re used to but it’s all been a joy!


We hope all is well with you and your family.

We have been so happy with Latke’s learning abilities and she has brought so much joy to wherever she goes and to whomever she meets.  We need to thank you again and again.

Recently our trainer was getting ready to take an advanced training course for dog trainers and instead of taking her dog, she asked if she could take Latke instead.  Both trainer and dog pupil learned a lot. However, when the trainer started packing the car up to go home after the two week course, Latke was quick to jump into the trunk with the bags !


All our Best,


Greetings from Latke and her proud parents.  We wanted to give you a quick update about our girl.  As you can see by her feather in her fur she has spunk !


Latke was spayed at 6 1/2 months of age and weighed 31 pounds. She is remarkably trainable, though there are times she rather not show it.  She has already visited a senior home and been on many a public outing. She loves meeting new 2 and 4 legged friends. Her grasp of concepts is truly remarkable.


Thank you


We hope you had a great Thanksgiving.  We had had 22 people over for Latke’s first Thanksgiving. She had a blast for about 3 hours and then just got over tired like any toddler.  She has adjusted so well.  She had her third series of shots yesterday and weighed in at 22 pounds. She is only days away form going out in the outside world. Should be great fun. She loves puppy class and has a special 1 year old friend up the street that shows her how to be a good puppy.  We also have capitalized on the great training start you gave her. She is certainly very very clever and smart.


Enjoy the next set of puppies and congratulations to the next group of lucky owners to be.


Thank you so much for providing Latke to us. She has been a dream. From the moment you and Jessica handed her over to us, she has continued to amaze us with the training you gave her. She is so comfortable within herself. Everyday is a new adventure with her  we so enjoy learning along with her. We can’t wait till her shots will allow us to take her outside. We could go on and on about how lucky we were to get Latke. We just hope you know how appreciative we are for her




Just a quick note from Latke. She whimpered 2 minutes then curled up with her heartbeat puppy until it was time for a family picnic in Pasadena. Now she is sleeping her way up highway. Thank you.



Here’s your 9 week. Working real hard on the potty, finally slept all night once the cage was covered. Thank you and your family I love this dog. Did a name change to Jody.  My nieces will be getting a Kevin soon. Gave back the name. Hope all is well have a great vacation and again thank you.


I hope this email finds you well

I wanted to send you an update on the puppy we got from you.  Rocket turned one yesterday! Rocket is a ball of hair and love.  We love him so much, he is very kind and really, I mean extremely smart!


Wishing you well


Just wanted check in and let you know Rocket is doing well.


Good evening Terah, Skylar just turned one, finished a two week one on one training (she took this photo) and is doing very well.  Weighs about 54 lbs. Definitely still a very high energy puppy! When do you recommend transitioning to adult food. Hope all is well with you and family during these tough times!


Nine months old. Skylar had his first haircut grooming yesterday.

we thought you might like to see Skylar at 5 1/2 months, 35 lbs. any estimate of weight at full size? 🤣 He’s a wonderful dog! Very high energy! He had his first grooming last week and the groomer loved him. Said he was a perfect dog.


Skye is a wonderful puppy.  I was playing fetch with him the other day and afterwords, on his own, he brought the ball inside and dropped it in the box with his other toys. The ball had never been in that box to our knowledge!  While we were gone, he somehow configured his new favorite cuddly, Molly the ape, around his body.



Skylar’s first walk to the beach! Played fetch (on tether), in awe of big surf, tried not to get feet wet, smelled a couple dogs and was totally exhausted when he got home. Has all shots and weighed 23 lbs at 15 weeks.


We had a great trip back. Skylar was perfect!  He spent about a 1/4 of the time held by Twyla and the rest in his kennel. He used the grass in the car to Pee about four times and only whined a couple times and always stopped when we gave the sound and clapped. He explored part of our back yard which you can see through the window in the photo and several rooms of the house. He really likes it! Including some of our plants . We’ll have to figure out how to stop that.
When we got home he pooped and peed on our grass mat that we put outside.


 We took a look at your last 2 litters. Too cute for words. You make caring for 15 puppies look easy. Seems like yesterday Maxine was their size. She is now a big girl. She was at the Vets last week for a nail trim. ( I need to buy a better nail clipper) she now weighs 55 lbs. Her Vet thinks her weight is perfect and when she finishes growing will probably be close to 60lbs. My oldest son has an American bull female, Maxine is quite a bit lighter as his dog weighs 84 lbs, but Maxine is just as tall as his. Next time she is over I’ll have to take some pics to share with you. Maxine and our other dog Milo are still great friends and ware one another out playing. She has decided the pool is her new favorite place to be. Milo not so much. This came to be as she was racing around the pool one day and fell in the deep end. Didn’t faze her one bit. She now jumps in on purpose and loves chasing the the pool toys around. She is a great addition to our family. We love and enjoy her more each day. Thank you


Good morning, wanted to give you an update on Maxine. She is a joy!!!! She is playful and a very sweet girl.
She’s decided my bed is really her bed. When given the command to place my bed is where she runs. Her crate is in our master bedroom, place is in her crate but the bed is her idea of place. She has trained us well. 
She is growing and gaining weight. I’m happy to report those sharp lethal baby teeth have been replaced with beautiful permanent teeth. She is a tall girl. We have replaced her original crate (35-50lb crate) to the next size up. Her head no longer touches the top.
When she joined our family she and her buddy Milo were close to the same size. She now towers above him. When they play he gets underneath her and mouths  her legs. They enjoy playing together more than anything.
Hope all is well with you and yours.


Thought I’d check in to let you know how Maxine is doing. She is perfect and such a happy girl. She and Milo have become fast friends. When she came to us she was his size, now she towers above him. She was at the vets this past Monday for her immunizations and her weight was 19 lbs she still has not had one accident in the house, always lets us know when she wants out.
These pics are not very good but wanted you to see her  and her buddy together.  I’ll take some time and send some better pics soon.


Thank you for all the puppy info and Maxine’s puppy package. So very helpful.
Maxine is a perfect girl!  She acts as if she has been a member of the household forever.  She loves to cuddle. She follows me around and sleeps on my feet when she winds down. She was a very good girl in her crate last night, whimpered when she needed to go out and was glad to then come in and return to her crate. Thanks to you and your family she is a perfect puppy!



Happy Mother's Day! Everything has been amazing, she is so smart! Her name is Luna and she has had an eventful first week home. She met 4 other dogs at a puppy birthday party yesterday, went to Home Depot, visited the vet, went to 4 different houses, and had a bath today! She is doing so good with potty training and loves her crate already. Everyone is very impressed with how well she is doing with crate and potty training


This handsome man Mason is now 40lbs and so sweet!

Hi Terah! Mason is doing great & getting big! Up to 24lbs now, double the weight from when we brought him home. He’s super sweet and loves to play (destroy) all of our backyard plants! We started puppy school and he’s learning all the commands.



Roody is doing very well. Roody has been so fun. Everyone, we meet remarks 2/2 how well behaved he is and we say he came to us like this!

At home, life has been an adventure. Life, as we knew, is definitely changed - but for the better.


Taken last night.
We are all in love with each other
Trust you are all well!


She’s 45 lbs now!  Goes to play dates 2 or 3 times a week - dog parks.  Loved by all and sooooo sweet and loving.  Loved looking at the photos from her litter on the website.

We are so grateful to have Lucy.  She is absolutely the most sweet, loving and intelligent dog I’ve/we’ve ever had.  She is a gift from the angels and our daughter.  Thank you for the being such a great breeder.  A lot of breeders should take lessons from you.


Lucy Belle is growing up - 8 months now.  We take her to a kennel 2 or 3 times a week for play dates.  She more loving and wonderful than ever.  Truly our daughter! 
We are so grateful to have her in our lives.
She is 40 lbs and very strong!
The owner of the kennel is also a trainer so she will be doing some work with him soon.  Overall she’s well behaved.
I trust you all are healthy and enjoying.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Roo says hi! He’s doing great!! He’s the sweetest boy. He wants to be as close as possible at all times and wants all of the love all of the time


Brothers; Joey & Roo forever

Thank you so much!! We are gonna love him so hard!!!"



Pinky is living the good life on a dairy farm in Fresno with my daughter. She eats/sleeps/works with my daughter 24/7, really a great companion dog


Wow I was just talking about you last night your ears must be ringing!  Koa is 57lbs and such a great dog 😍


Koa loves hugs. Here is a pic of him from a couple of weeks ago. He is such a happy boy!  Always smiling!


Koa is getting along great with our older girl Maile!   They have been playing all day and when she leaves and he is in the pen he calls her back. It is very cute! He is such a great dog!  


Summit is such a joy! He has the best personality and makes friends with every doggie and person around :) I know being born in a loving home made all the difference. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

Summit had his second vet visit today! He’s so healthy and happy. Up to 13 lbs— didn’t even flinch or bark when getting his second shot. He’s such a joy :)


Tango was 40.5 at 26 weeks.


Two photos taken of Tango late this afternoon. And one on the couch at lunch.

Tango is taking this stay at home order in stride!

We have always thought how lucky we were to have Tango in our lives and believed we “Lucked out” and got an amazing winner. Then as I read through the testimonials, I realized that all your clients feel the same way we do, and it is really that you raise truly AMAZING Aussiedoodles. You totally live up to your name! We are soooo in love with Tango. Our sincere thanks for an amazing companion dog.


We have a digital canvas in our home which we got for Christmas and we have all the photos you took of him before we brought him home through the present on the canvas in chronological order. Obviously, we cannot get enough of him in real life, we must have his photos on our walls as well! We also have photos of you and Tango’s parents when we picked him up. It is a great gift and I am so happy to have his birth through eight weeks photos.


Thank you so very much. Tango could not be more loved and brings us great joy every day. Please thank your family for all they did. Tango is a confident, well balanced puppy. Full of life and loves everyone he meets. No separation anxiety, but loves being with us.


I have been meaning to give you an update on Tango. He is awesome! Exuberant, smart, happy, loving, willing to do anything and go anywhere. 

We have just started the third continuous dog training class which is off-leash work. He is now 10 months old and weighs 48 pounds.

We are so in love with him. My husband is completely smitten with Tango. We are forever smiling and laughing at his antics
You and your family raise exceptional dogs. 

This photo was taken today as we were driving home after doing errands for several hours. As you can see I am keeping his hair natural and just trimming him around the face. I love his long, silky, wavy hair. Brushing and combing him has been a bonding experience for us. 

Thank you so much. We are so in love with this puppy.



We are three weeks into a puppy socialization class. It is mandatory that all the dogs have at least two vaccinations and the teacher bleaches the floor and we take off our shoes before entering the room. He LOVES playing with the other puppies, and that is the main reason for the class, though we are TRYING to do some obedience work there as well. He is THE most distracted of the six puppies and just wants to play with them, so we are a work in progress. I would rather have that then the shy dogs we see. He is gregarious and is always ready to meet new people and dogs. So, I do not want to inhibit him as we find it charming that every new person he meets is his long lost friend! 


At home I have him following me off leash at a heel ! But in class he loses his brain and all he wants to do is socialize!


It is totally fine as that is what we wanted out of the class and we are continuing to work with him in class. He gets better every week. We will continue his intermediate and advance training as he completes the various classes.


We will be seeing the veterinarian on Friday for his third vaccination. Both Keevan and I are anxious to be able to take him on short walks and to the beach etc. Once again, I find I am wishing my life away waiting to get to this goal. I know we are about 5 weeks away from being able to take him more places.


You and your family gave him an amazing start, and we are continuing to add to his original training. I have had a lot of dogs in my life, but never had one that had such a fabulous early training BEFORE we got him.


Thank you so much!


We have been recording Tango’s weight every Sunday since his arrival. He turned 7 months today. We thought you might like to see his progress. If you have his birth weight or any other recorded weights, we would love to add it to his file. He was puppy number 8 of Winter and Leo’s March 10th litter. I have attached what we have so far.


Now let me tell you a bit about this puppy. As this was Leo’s first litter.


Tango is Amazing ! My husband often exclaims, “Is there anything that you do Tango that does not make me smile or laugh?”. He has truly brought great happiness into our lives. He was 11 pounds when we brought him home at 2 months old, and he is now 42 pounds at 7 months. He remains compact even at that weight. He hides his weight well! We adore his long hair and he gets multiple brushings a day. I would like to keep it long if possible. It is a ritual before we go on our morning walks (can’t have him going out in his morning disheveled hair!). And when we leave the barn where he has picked up straw and hay, and then in the evening when he is resting on top of me after dinner. Other brushing times as needed. He seems to be getting in his adult coat now, as his head, shoulders, and tail, have a different hair from the rest of his body. The new hair is silky and shiny. I am learning to use a grooming table and groom him myself.  I have been grooming horses for 26 years, and have all the clippers, dryers etc. He has his own blades, guards, scissors and brushes.


His temperament is ideal for us. He waits patiently for us to put on his harness and lead. When in the car, he sits still for the seat belt to be attached. He waits to be given the command “Okay” to jump out of the car. Or will wait to be lifted out, depending on the height of the vehicle he is in. He LOVES everyone. My husband and myself, the two young ladies that work for us with the horses, our neighbors, our son and his family, all members of the obedience class (dogs and people), literally everyone he meets is his long lost friend, which endears EVERYONE to him. Our VERY challenging six year old granddaughter had her best visit since she was an infant here on her last visit. She is prone to breaking things and getting into things she is not supposed to, however Tango followed her EVERYWHERE and she was so intrigued with him that she managed to stay out of trouble! It was kind of a win-win as they both managed to stay out of trouble !


He has earned his freedom in our home as he will not get into trouble if we are not in the house. He has a few favorite places to rest and does so until we return. So far, the car is the same way. We can go out to a restaurant and leave him in the car with no problems. He is not crated. He will be traveling with us over Thanksgiving to a pet friendly Inn. We did not want to be without him, though our house/horse caretakers would be very happy for him to stay here with them.


He is not a herding dog. He has not ever herded us, kids, or animals. He is an amazing scent dog. He could be a search and rescue or a drug searching dog. He is as good or better (I really think better) than my last German Shepherd. He is in love with one of my employees and we can come into the house after being on our morning walk and he will smell her before we get into the house. Once inside he will track where she went, including where she left a book, backpack, car keys, shoes, anything she held. He will smell her before we get to the barn and run around the inside of the barn tracking her there as well. Wagging his tail and excited the whole time. She is only here a few days a week, so it is not a daily occurrence.


He is not a barker. PHEW ! He has a low bark that he will do if excited or alerting. But does not typically bark if another dog is barking at him. We have a lot of things here he could bark at, feral cats and occasionally wandering dogs, lots of deer on a property all the time, fox, raccoons, skunk, ducks and birds of all kinds. But he uses his barking judiciously. I learned quickly that if he barks, it is for a reason, and to trust him and investigate. Even if only to tell him that I think everything is okay.


He loves the car, does not get car sick (Another PHEW!). I know you took him for car rides when he was a baby. He has been in an airplane with us when we picked him up and has been in a car multiple times a week since we brought him home. Including several long 6-8 hour round trips. He is an ideal co-pilot. He is happy hanging out in the car or truck in his seatbelt, watching the cars go by and occasionally sleeping.  He especially likes having his head out of the window in the wind. He does not do this all the time, but it not only makes us smile, but other drivers as well.


His blue eyes, against his black and white coat color is dazzling, and we get LOTS of comments about him. We are frequently asked if his name is “Sinatra”,  which actually was in the running as his name for a brief moment. He walks with a happy stride that makes people smile just seeing him. And they often comment that he looks happy. Which he is !


We have continued with the Nutri Source feed and treats you recommended, though he is getting the grain type. We have found a few biscuits, and cookies we are willing to treat him with. There really is a landmine of crap out there for dogs. He will eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables and we continue to give these to him. We have fresh pears and apples in our orchard now which he loves in small amounts.


He loves his snuggle time with us both, typically in the morning when we wake up and after dinner, but he is game more often as well. He does not fit into my lap as easily as when he was younger, but we are adapting as he grows.


He is, as you already know with this breed, a “quick learner”. He adapts as he learns what we expect from him. Once he was old enough to jump on the bed, he considered that his territory. We had a week or so to convince him that our bed was off limits. He favored sleeping on the pillows by our heads, which did not work for us. He is content sleeping in our bedroom and actually moves around a lot at night.


He has a soft mouth, also a blessing. He has only just started tearing his soft toys. Up until now, including all the teething phase, he never destroyed his toys.


They often talk about Aussiedoodles being “Velcro dogs”. But Tango does not get separation anxiety. He seems to get that we will come back and does not need to be with us constantly. My last German Shepherd was not happy unless I was in sight, and I am so happy that Tango is not a clinging type of dog. It is easier on everyone.


I am sure that there is more, but I have taken up a lot of your precious time for you to read this. You have produced the ideal dog for us. We could not be happier. I have said many times that, finding you, and choosing Tango were among our smartest choices ever.



Tango turned six months old today. He is 36.7 pounds now. We are still completely in love with him. 


He graduated to beginning obedience class on Saturday where we are working on loose lead walking. 


My husband says that Tango has exceeded all of his expectations.  I agree. Tango is forever making us smile and laugh.


Here are a few photos taken today.


Thank you for producing such an exceptional puppy. 



Tango is 12 weeks today and weighs 18 pounds!


He is loving living at our ranch and learning daily. Very smart, and also has several puppy moments throughout the day. ♥️


He was vaccinated with the vaccine you sent home with him on Thursday.  We plan to start puppy socialization classes next Saturday. 


He is meeting lots of people  coming to the ranch, as well as learning about all the native and domestic  animals here.


We love his exuberance of life.



Thanks again for everything. 

Yesterday was a long one for him. He is adjusting well, used the new door bells this evening to let us know he needed to go outside to poop. He loves playing on the grass, runs to us when he is called like we are long lost friends, has mastered the staircase going up (still working  on coming down), does not care where he is as long as one of us is in the room or in sight, knows where the toy box is, and caught up on some of his sleep today. He has met the horses with us holding them in our arms and all  went well. He helped me with chores this morning, and assembling a water feature which was a gift for Keevan's Birthday. 


Good morning  mom. I am 14 weeks old now and have settled into my new home. I have fun on the ranch riding on the golf cart, playing on the grass, playing frisbee, and wading into the ponds. Joanne is continuing my lessons and I can now heel off leash. She is excited with my progress. 


I started puppy socialization classes two weeks ago. I LOVE it ! But i am exhausted when i get home.


Thank you for giving me such an awesome start. I am very happy here.


Love, Tango


Dear Mom, 

I thought you would like to see what I have been up to this last week since I left home.  Joanne and Keevan have a really big property. I have only seen a small amount, but I wanted to share some of my experiences with you. I am very busy every day here, but I have not forgotten you, and wanted to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day. You gave me such a great start and Joanne and Keevan are so happy with me. Joanne says that Keevan has not smiled and laughed this much in a very long time. She calls me a “Therapy Dog” for bringing such happiness and joy into their lives. Joanne has horses. A LOT of them, and they keep us busy. I have learned to sit on a golf cart which has horse feed in it and drive around with her when she feeds the horses. She holds on to me, but I stay very still when we are driving and watch everything around me. There are deer, squirrels, chipmunks, and lots of birds here. I also “Help” her clean the horse stalls. I am on live cameras in the horse stalls. and the people watching say I am very entertaining running through the stalls and having fun.



I remembered how you taught me to sit and lay down, and Joanne works with me every day. I am now working on stay, wait, quiet, load up, no bite (this is a hard one for me to master!), and come. She has a lot of training in mind, but says I have time to learn. We are still getting to know each other, but I love living here and snuggling in bed with Joanne and Keevan.  Especially in the morning. They say I failed at being in a crate at night, but they do not mind as I am an awesome bed companion. They love my blue eyes and say that they are mesmerizing !


I hope all is great at home. I plan to stay in touch. I just did not want you to worry about me. This is a great place and I am having fun.


Love to everyone at home. Please watch the attached video of me.


Love, Tango

Winter & Samson's Litter Testimonies



These were taken on Lexi's third birthday, August 24.  She has totally

stolen our hearts.



Hi, it’s been a while since we’ve communicated and hope all is well with you.  We fall more in love with Lexi everyday.  She did a three week “doggie camp” obedience training last year and learned so well.  She just finished another three week training at “doggie camp” that was for off-leash training.  We’ll send updated photos in a few days


I thought you might enjoy the below link about Aussiedoodles.  It hit right on with everything.


Here are Lexi’s Birthday pictures.  She will be one year old on Friday!

She is whip-smart, enormously loving, full of puppy energy and she is very well trained as long as she isn’t so excited that she forgets all of her commands..


Best Regards



Amazingly smart and clearly wants to please and do what makes us happy.

Pesky for love and attention – but so cute that we constantly stop to give her lots of attention.

She’s up to 12.5 lbs. 


Incredible puppy energy daily keeps us outside throwing a ball, etc. She runs and runs like a crazy dervish, then she naps for hours. Sometimes we wish we could too.

She sleeps from 11:00 pm till 7:00am in her wire cage/crate in our bedroom, so we no longer get up with her in the middle of the night.


98% housebroken – perfect in her crate, sometimes forgets when she is free in the house, but less and less. And we watch closely and take her outside often.


She’s a keeper!!!!



Lexi is GREAT!  Other than one accident Friday evening (my fault - I didn’t stay out with her long enough after she peed, and she pooped in the house), she has not had any other accidents.  Last night she slept from 11 until 7:30 this morning.  Of course, I was awake much earlier waiting for her to wake up! She had her vet puppy check yesterday and is very healthy and “very adorable.”  Everyone is in love with her.

The first picture was taken last week, and the second one (shows her off a little better) was taken today.  We’re still working hard on the housebreaking…not as good as my first (overly optimistic) update, but we’ll get there.  She’s great in the car…we take her on errands, but one of us always stays in the car with her.  At night she’s sleeping around 7 hours, so that means I’m not a grouch in the morning!

Here are the latest pictures of Lexi.  She is now at a three week boot camp

for intensive training.  We visited her yesterday, and the trainer just kept

saying how smart she is!  He's even doing some advanced work with her that

the dogs don't usually get until the next level of training!  The only

problem is that we miss her SO much.


So many people ask us if she's a Portuguese Water Dog because her coloring

is so much like the Obama's family dog!


Thank you for our family addition.


Mickey’s first birthday. Getting ready for his big party today. He is so handsome and smart and we couldn’t love him more!!! 


Mickey is so content. Loved his crate and slept all night. No accidents and my son with asthma was here all night and had no problem breathing!!!


 Can’t believe that Mickey has only been here one week. As you can see, he feels right at home!! He rings the bells when he wants out (only two small accidents), sleeps all night, loves playing with all his toys. He loves to cuddle and is growing pretty fast. The vet said she predicts he will be at least 50 pounds.


Hi from Mickey. I am 5 months old, weigh 34 pounds and growing. I love to fetch the frisbee and go for long walks. My trainer says I am the smartest dog she ever worked with!! 

Sending before and after grooming pictures of Mickey Moose. Now 7 1/2 months old and a whopping 

45 pounds and growing. He was neutered at 6 months and it went very well. The vet is so in love with him.  People are always asking us what breed he is and they are amazed at how beautiful he is.  We take him to puppy socials and he loves playing with the other puppies He is such a joy and we couldn't love him more!!


I just wanted to share this pic of Watson "sitting pretty" and to thank you for making it possible for us to have this sweet addition to our family. He is almost 2 yrs now and 26 lbs. He's a super quick learner, always happy and entertains us every day. Hope all is well with you and your family. Take care.


Just wanted to let u know that Watson is doing well and Pebbles thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread. We have to watch right now that she doesn't play too hard as he is spunky and not afraid. We don't want him to accidentally get hurt. I'm sure when he gets bigger they will be best of friends as he seems to really like her too. Aldolph says,"We couldn't have done better". Oh, and he slept through the night until 7:00 AM. What a good boy. Thank you.


I finally got some pictures of Pebbles and Watson together. Every time I let them together it's one crazy "play fest", not very good for pics. It's only been one week since we picked him up and they are both totally in love. He is the best pup and we are in love too! He had his vet exam on Monday and passed with flying colors. Thank you for giving him such a great start. Jan

Watson is 8 months now and just graduated from manners class. The trainer was amazed at how fast he learns. He also went to the groomers for the first time and they said he was a very good boy; all 24 lbs of him. I see you have new litters. The people who get those pups are very lucky, indeed!


Here is our Lincoln with his walking friends.  He is so delightful - loving beyond measure, playful and even becoming obedient. Thank you. 


So much to say about our lovely dog, but I would like to wait when I have more time.  Needless to say, its as if he has always been with us.  I took him to the vet yesterday and everything was fine. Thank you so much. It was so nice to meet you and your family.

We changed our lovely pup's name to Lincoln because Kyoto was too difficult for people to say and remember. Lincoln is a love. He is full of life, he completely runs our home, mostly with our blessing. It is silly how much we enjoy him. I have signed up for training beginning next week, so his reign of terror maybe short lived. He s is a lot of life/love and we all enjoy caring for him.

Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thank you for our sweet Lincoln, we are grateful!

 I am not a good photographer but here is our magnificent Lincoln. I hope you can get a sense of how cute and wonderful he is!! We couldn’t be happier with him, he is such a love and has a HUGE fan club. 

Hope all is well with you and your family.


Happy birthday to Murphy


Great transition so far with Murphy! Only one accident right after we got home Saturday night. Understandable. Otherwise perfect. His big sister freaked him out at first but once he had a full night sleep, he warmed up to her and shares toys with her. And right now he

is fast asleep in his crate. Maybe one tiny little whimper, but not much!


12 week check up today- 18.25lbs. Doing great!


Murphy at 16 weeks old - 25 lbs.

Murphy working on staying.


Last check up he was 48lbs. 


Here is a 1 year old birthday picture of Lunabear. We just couldn’t love a dog more! She has stolen our hearts ♥️


Luna had a great day. She’s getting used to sleeping in the crate. Still cries a little but learning. She woke Lillie at 5am today. Only one potty accident today. Not too bad. We love her.




I think she's feeling pretty comfortable with us. Lol. Btw, we changed her name to 'Bean'


She's doing great. We went to the vet today and got our puppy insurance secured. She was really thrilled with her!! 


They're getting along great. Bean is a perfect match! Thank you!!!


She’s getting big! She’s such a good girl!


Everyone loves baby Bean! She is fixed now... she did great! She's the best puppy! So smart and sweet.! 


She's super gentle always. She licks our cats ears and lets them rub up on her. She loves our guinea pig. She likes to chase the bunnies but that's because they run for it. If they stopped she'd probably roll over for them. Super gentle mouth. Just a LOVE bug and sooooo smart! She already goes to the beach with a small group of dogs and our walker says she always listens the best! We're proud parents lol.

 You raise phenomenal pups!




Remember me?  I was born at your house August 24, 2017! I learned a lot from you before I went to my fur-ever home with Dave, Anne & Gibbs (he is my little friend ) and we have so much fun together!  I love living with them and go for vacations, doggie daycare once a week to play with all my friends there, and walks every morning to Starbucks. That’s where I had my 1st birthday celebration!  There were 6 of my furry friends and we had fun and lots of dog treats!  I go the beauty parlor every other week so that I stay nice and clean and soft!  I just had an operation about 3-1/2 weeks ago so I won’t have puppies!


Here are some pictures from my 1st birthday, I thought you’d like to see how big I am!  I weigh about 35 lbs!  But I am still a lap dog and love to snuggle!  Hope you enjoy!



It was really nice to hear from you inquiring about Abby!  She is doing very well and adjusting to her forever home. Abby and Gibbs are best of friends now. The two of them are constantly running around the backyard and throughout the house chasing each other and playing tug-a-war with a variety of toys.    The day that we brought her home she was using the dog door to go in and out within a half an hour!  I know she is going to be a very smart dog.  She is pretty much house broken and going in and out the dog door to do her doggie business.  She is sleeping pretty much throughout the night, I only get up once with her.  We are training at least once a day. She has the sit, down and doing very well with placing and the stay on command.  She sees me get the clicker out of the drawer and knows it’s time for treats.  Last week she got her third round of shots and weighed in at 13.5 pounds. Not as big as Murphy but not far behind.  I am sending pictures and a video.  Might need to send separately, so you may get a couple of emails. 


Dogs are ready for Christmas! Abby was at the beauty parlor for her first time today. Abby thought you’d like to see the pictures.



Here’s a pic with him on his second birthday with a pupcake shaped like a hamburger (haha), and there he is again at his favorite pet store.  He is sweet as ever and we think he’s finally holding steady at 28 pounds of pure fluff!  He loves saying hi to everyone and can’t get enough pets.  We like to take him to our local outdoor mall and we took a trip out to Malibu last weekend and he loved it!


Thanks again for letting this bundle of joy into our lives, and we look forward to sending you more updates!  Hopefully that Culver City couple you sent to us gets an aussiedoodle from you too so we can have sibling play dates!  :)



I hope you're doing well!  Just wanted to send a quick Kingsley update!  :)


We can’t believe our little goober turned one yesterday!  He’s as playful and sweet as ever, and he's also doing better with his puppy manners.  He absolutely loves everyone and can’t wait to say hello.  Our neighbors affectionately refer to him as the "bouncing bunny," given how excited he gets to see everyone (furry and human!). He passed basic obedience class last month, and we will be continuing to intermediate obedience classes soon.  He's weighed in at 22 pounds yesterday, which is perfect for us (given the LA condo life!).  


Anyway, I'll be sure to keep sending periodic updates, but just wanted to let you know that he's doing well!  Thank you again for all that you did to prepare our little furball for us!  :)


I hope you're doing well.  :) 

I realized I hadn't updated you in a while, but hopefully his active Instagram has been providing some insight into how he's doing!  Just wanted to send a quick note that all is going well - he sure is king of the house.  He's such a smart boy and has been maturing with each day - can you believe he's turning 9 months next week?!  We think he's just under 20 pounds now, and probably won't get too much bigger (perfect size for us!).  

He's been holding strong with his potty training and he waits nicely at the doors and elevators until we release him.  He definitely still has a lot of puppy energy though so we're still working on his puppy manners, but I'm sure he'll get it soon!  He is also still the fluffy ball of love he was when we first got him - he basically crawls into our laps for belly rubs daily (and of course we give him plenty).  We taught him how to wave last week, and it definitely gets a lot of giggles from people when he waves his paw "hello!"

Anyway, I'll make sure to keep sending you periodic updates!  If any of your prospective waiting list families want to chat, feel free to send them our way!  One of them reached out via Instagram a few months ago and Kingsley loved meeting them - he was basically bouncing proof of happiness and hard work!  :)

P.S. Your new litter looks SO cute - there are so many female merles - how exciting!
P.P.S. I attached a picture of Kingsley during one of our many long walks, hehe.

Best wishes,


Just wanted to send a quick hello and update about Kingsley.  :)  He just finished all his shots last Tuesday, so he's having lots and lots of fun exploring the outside these past couple of days!  Now that we are taking him out for walks, we get stopped left and right asking us about what breed he is and where we got him from (so there may be referrals coming your way!).  He's super well socialized and loves all people and all dogs, so that's been going wonderfully.  We take him to puppy kindergarten on Sunday mornings and he always has so much fun playing with other puppies!

We just started outdoor potty training (transitioning from the indoor grassy potty pad) and he's catching on quickly - it's only been two days and he's been consistent about alerting us when he needs to go outside - what a smart boy!  I've also attached a video of us doing a brief training session today - we were chaining together some commands for fun, which he's doing great with.  He's going to get his first haircut on Friday, so I'll be sure to send you some pictures then too.  As you can see, he's getting quite big and his hair is getting quite fluffy (I hope he can still see!).


Anyway, that's it for now, but I'll be sure to reach out with more updates periodically!  He does also have his own instagram account (haha), so if you have one you can follow him at @kingsley_the_ad.  :)


Just wanted to send you a quick update with a few photos!  Kingsley was quite nervous the whole ride back and the initial day at our place, but ended up sleeping most of the day after he settled in.  I'm happy to say that after the first day, Kingsley has adjusted wonderfully!  He's had no accidents since his second day here, and he happily goes to the grassy pee pad whenever he needs to do his business.  He's pretty good about his sleeping schedule, typically lasting from 10:30 PM - 6 AM fairly consistently.  

He had his first (safe!) puppy play date, which is why he looks so satisfied in the first picture.  :)  He did great!  Although he was scared for his vet visit earlier this week, he did wonderfully there and passed with flying colors.  Picture 2 shows him getting his favorite belly rubs, and picture 3 shows him loving his crate (he is soooo good with the crate, it's crazy!).  Thanks so much for training him so well!  He'll be starting puppy kindergarten next weekend, and I'm sure I'll have more updates later.  He definitely is showing his personality more and is quite a rambunctious little one.


She is fitting in very well. Our dogs love her and kitty is warming up to herShe's a really good dog who loves her pack and everyone who comes to the house. One more thing I forgot to add. Maizie was very well socialized as a pup in your care. She absolutely loves people and other dogs. What a joy she is. 

Maizie is a wonderful family member and is doing quite well. At 6 months old she weighs 34 pounds. She is finishing puppy class training and learns quickly. She recently enjoyed a camping trip to the beach and will go to Sequoia in August. Happy pup, happy us!

We are close to Maizie’s first birthday. What a wonderful, sweet, smart and playful girl! She loves to camp and go on walks. She loves her pup family and her humans very much. ️


This is Dixie next to big bro Yogi. She's doing great!! Such a blessing to all of us. She sleeps from 10:30pm -about 5-6am Thank you!!


I taught Patches how to stand! He learns tricks so fast! He needs stimulation...wish I had time/money for agility training with him! I'll have to set something up in my backyard for him;)

Although he's torn it a bit, he still has his mom's blankie from you!

Patches did great his first night here! Slept through the night, and was waiting in his crate, not crying at 6:10 when Tim took him out to go potty. He's  already catching on to ringing the bells on the door to go outside! Thanks for doing such a great job pre-training him:)

Merry Christmas! Hope you are well!


We are thrilled to have Ziggy as the newest member of our family. She is spunky and so intelligent. It has only been 3 short weeks and she already knows sit, stay, off, leave it, and lay down commands. She plays soccer with Brynn, fetches and retrieves tennis balls, walks well on the leash and is outside potty trained. We have had such a positive experience with Ziggy that I'm not sure I will ever be able to thank you enough :) We are all in love and enjoy the daily snuggles we get. I will certainly keep in touch and send pictures periodically as she grows. 

The Neeri family 


Just wanted to let you know that Lucy is doing great. We are having so much fun! Thank you so much. Lynn was so very impressed by the way you and your daughter run your business. It was a true pleasure working with you guys.

She weighs 14 pounds
She is behaving herself as much as puppies can
It's been really good for our other dog Maggie they are best friends


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Love your pictures of the family.

Our family is doing well, with Lucy being the Queen around here. Just weighed Lucy and she is 22#  at 1 yr. Would be interested to know big her bothers and sister's are.



 I just had to send you this picture I took this morning of Bev snuggling with the baby blanket you sent home with her. It’s her favorite and she carries it around the house. we are coming up on two years that we had to put our Henry down and though it’s a sad time, we are so so thankful for Bevy. She has been such a joy to our family. She is an aggressive cuddler (most nights sleeping with her face next to mine on the pillow) and we couldn’t ask for a sweeter pup. ️ happy thanksgiving to you and your family.



Hi!!! Hope you are well! I wanted to send you an update on Beverly's first (almost) week. The first couple of days were complete chaos with three little kids and a puppy but we feel we are starting to get into a good routine. Today we rounded a corner with Beverly using Mabel as a chew toy. Today she was super gentle with Mabel and sat down when she wanted Mabel's attention (instead of jumping on her). Beverly is sleeping in a crate in our room. The first couple of nights she cried but she did much better the last two nights. She accompanies me on school/preschool dropoffs/pickups and errand-running. (She stays in the crate in the car) She has been meeting lots of people and had her first play date with my in-laws border collie. Beverly held her own and had the best time.  

She saw the vet for the first time on Monday and got a good bill of health. The kids (and mike and I) are completely smitten. Beverly loves snuggling and especially loves getting her belly rubbed (we affectionately refer to this as peanut butter belly time and there's a song that goes with it ). When Bev wakes up from sleeping we all comment on her bad case of Bev head (instead of bed head) with her wacky curls looking like she just took out curlers. 



Hope this finds you well! Beverly had her first day at the beach today (limited--just hung out at our friend's house--no sand time since she hasn't had all of her shots yet). Just wanted to send you a few pics. ️Bev had her first grooming/haircut on Thursday. They said she did great. Including a couple of pictures for you that were taken right after her cut. Hope you are well!


We are on a four week road trip currently but should be home around august first. Btw, Bev is surpassing every expectation we ever had of her on this trip. She did so great in the hotel, never made a peep in the car (and we had long travel days--12 hours or so with stops every two or three hours), has loved every single person and pup she has met and has recently taken to sleeping with mike and I at night without her crate!!!!! She was running with my inlaws dog today, though, and ran into a huge sticker bush. She had nasty stickers all over the left side of her face and body. It took over thirty minutes to remove them.  I'm including a photo of her and mike in Yellowstone that was taken earlier this week. 

I had to send you this hilarious old timey photo we had taken this morning. They let us include Bev and we have been laughing at her cute expression all morning!


 Frankie's doing awesome! Their hanging out and getting to know eachother!!!! 


He is a superb dog! He's very eager to please and has fitted seamlessly into our home.  I'm sure he will impress!  By the way we are calling him Quinn- not sure why-he just seemed to respond to that. So he picked his own name! Brilliant!

Quinn is such a great dog. I am really happy we found you and your puppies. He's up to 16 pounds, sits, stays and waits for his food. He rings the bell to go outside to go potty and he's only two months old! I am delighted with this dog. Training is going very well. He thrives on praise. Thank you for such a good foundation!

This is a photo of Quinn as an adult from Peg. It is always helpful to have something in the photo as a size reference, but I do think that this kind of photo is helpful as well.


We are having such a good time with Stormy. Here is a picture my friend took for us!!!


Hi! Just wanted to give you a little update on Hayden. She's doing so great!  We honestly think she's the smartest puppy ever. She's adapted so well and so quick! And she already has us completely wrapped around her little paws.

Hope all is well!  Wanted to send some updated pictures of Hayden!  She is so awesome and smart and athletic!

We are obsessed with her and will give her many hugs for you! :)


We think she's between 30-35 pounds right now.


Millie has had an amazing first week. From sleeping through the night to meeting new people and pups, she has been prepped and excited to take on all of the challenges of the world. She's fearless and curious and gets smarter everyday. Thanks to you and your family, Millie sits, sleeps and kisses all day. We are very thankful!

Millie is growing up quite a bit! She's still as happy and pretty as ever. She is becoming the most popular dog on the esplanade. She loves to meet new people and play with all the dogs at the dog park. She is super smart and so trainable because she loves to please! We love her!

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