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Hazel & Louis's Litter Testimonies 2022


Obi is very happy, he fits with our family perfectly. . Our other fur babies have to still get used to him. 


Eddie sends his love! He is a happy, healthy, very silly boy and we love him to pieces!

He is sweet and funny and has a thing of for my slippers which he steels on a regular basis.  We love him so very much! 


They are getting along perfectly!!!!   We weighed her last night and she is 26.1 lbs so she has put on about 5 lbs in the past couple weeks.  

We had our mobile groomer that comes out for babs just give her a quick wash and blow dry to get her use to it and she did pretty good!!! Still working on the leash thing cause she is not a big fan of it 😂😂.  We are looking to send her to canine companions for some training but she is a happy girl.


He is so hilarious just a cute little bug he is! He’s still pretty small which I’m loving he’s only 20 pounds a lot smaller and shorter than Trixie was at that age but we are loving it. We love him very much. 




The vet said this morning that she weighs 17.5 pounds. She's very healthy, no concerns, growing quick, and gets a ton of sleep every day!

she is getting really good at stay, she will wait to get out of the crate, she waits for her water and snuffle mat too! she is also getting really good at not jumping on the puppy gate - impulse control is improving and she's a quick learner. Also, her sense of smell is incredible and she can smell if we have treats in our pocket that we forgot about hours ago she is also doing really well with peeing on the grass pad outside.


Thought you might want to see how beautiful she is.  Oh, and spoiled. Lol 

She is the best.  Thank you so much.  Her personality fits us well.


I just wanted to let you know that I said Arizona in for a wellness check. They said she is absolutely perfect, healthy, and beautiful. Thank you we love her so much. 


She is wonderful, and big!  Almost 30lbs at 3 1/2 months! We all love her very much! 


Jag is eating, playing and growing like crazy ! Thank you again for such an amazing pup!

Thank you for everything....he made it home....he's so sweet...we just love him!!

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