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double doodle

Due to their hybrid nature, they have varying physical characteristics depending on their parentage and which one their genetics tend towards. Double Doodles are medium-sized dogs that stand roughly 20-29 inches and weigh 50-80 pounds when fully grown. Their coat is on the longer side of medium and very dense. They typically have cream, black, brown, or white coloration and have long tails. They generally have brown eyes and a black nose.

Fantastic Temperments

Double Doodles  are gentle and get along with children and even strangers. They are known to be extremely calm and patient and are considered great family pets for this very reason. Double Doodles are intelligent and friendly dogs that take well to training efforts. They are high energy dogs which like to receive a lot of stimulation. When socialized properly, they do great on walks meeting strangers and other dogs.

Great Health

Thanks to their hybrid nature, they tend to not suffer from the same genetic issues that their purebred ancestors tend to exhibit. Variation in their gene pools helps them to lead healthy lives for the most part.

Why are Aussiedoodle Godlendoodles so Amazing?

The reason behind crossing the Aussiedoodle with the Goldendoodle was to produce a puppy that holds desired traits from both the Poodle, the Golden Retriever, and the Australian Shepherd. Crossing the two breeds gives you a dog with a low shedding coat with an amazing temperament. The Double Doodle is another hybrid “designer dog” but this one is actually a hybrid of hybrids. This combination of Golden Retrievers, Australian Shepherd, and Poodles and, as such, owe the history of their lineage to all three ancestries of those breeds. The Double Doodle itself only came into popularity in the past decade while they are reported to have been bred as early as the ‘70s. Thus, the Double Doodle comes from a long line of loving and even-tempered ancestors.


About the Multi-Generation of the Double Doodle

The hard-working dog with a heart of gold. As one step beyond the already hybrid Aussiedoodle, we believe this type of breeding will produce less health-compromised puppies due to the genetic diversity and stronger hybrid vigor. These dogs are delightful canine companions used for service training and therapy.

Aussie Goldendoodle Personality & Size

This Double Doodle between the Aussiedoodle and the Goldendoodle share several complementary traits which include energy level and a playful temperament. The Double Doodle has a strong working dog history and lineage. Their unique personality and temperament is great with children and in all kinds of working dog roles. The well known happy-go-lucky friendliness of the Golden Retriever is seen in this breed as well as a willingness to please seen in the Austrialian Sheperd. We estimate that our Double Doodles will weight approximately 40-60 pounds full grown and be about 17-24 inches tall. 


Aussiedoodle Goldendoodle Coat

The Aussiedoodle Goldendoodle mix is a type of double doodle that is trending in popularity because of the merle colored coat. In addition, one of the biggest downsides of an Australian Shepherd is they shed a lot of hair all over the house and your clothes. Combining an Aussiedoodle with two different types of doodles makes this dog a lot less likely to shed. This is because an Aussiedoodle is only going to be roughly 25% or less Australian Shepherd genetics but due to our coat type genetic testing we predict our doodles will have a low shedding coat. If you have severe allergies it is not recommended.

Aussie Goldendoodle Colors




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